It’s turning into a money maker for my clients

Dear Friend,
Earlier this week I asked if I email you too much,

And then I got this response from a
reader in New York:

“Personally your email frequency is
just fine by me.

Made my first purchase of your generously
discounted package, the ‘Marketing Grab Bag.’

The Landing Page Strategy Guide alone
has proven to be a big value

And will turn into a money maker for two
of my clients

Your succinct and to the point emails always
get opened + I like the simplicity of your sites.

It tells me what I need to know in a
timely and efficient manner.”

Thanks for that Mitch! You made my day.

Too bad the ‘Marketing Grab Bag’ isn’t still

The good news is you can still grab the
“Landing Page Strategy Guide” here:

And after you try it out, maybe you’ll send me
a glowing review like Mitch

That’s all for today, keep rockin’

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