3 Tips for better Craigslist Ads

Dear Friend,
Are you running ads today?

On page 34 of “Cracking the Craigslist Code”
(included with the Craigslist Strategy Guide 2.0)

You’ll learn the best times for posting
your ads,

1. During the week you’ll want to post
between 10 am – noon

2. On the weekends, the best time is
around 10 am Saturday.

3. But the best days to get the most leads
are still Sunday and Monday

And that’s just from page 34 of the guide,
imagine what’s on the other 51 pages

Anyways, if you want to get more leads
from Craigslist,

Make sure your ads show up,

And avoid Spam

The Craigslist Strategy Guide 2.0 will help you do that,

The problem is this guide isn’t for sale yet,

It’s going to print in a few days
And I’m only printing 100 copies,

So if you’re interested in making Craigslist
work for you,

Then join the early bird notice list here:

And you’ll be the first to know when you
can buy it plus you’ll get a healthy discount too.


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