The Phantom disappearing Craigslist Ad

Dear Friend,
So you’ve got the perfect headline,

Your ad looks great,

You Click on post,

And Craigslist tells you:

“You’re ad is up and ready to be viewed,”

But when you search for it,
It’s no where to be found.

Those phantom ads are said to be “Ghosted”

For some reason the ‘ad gods’ at Craigslist
have deemed your ad not worthy of posting,

And its disappeared,
Never to be heard from again

Annoying, right?

When you buy the “Craigslist Strategy Guide 2.0”

Turn straight to page 29 of “Cracking the Code”
and you’ll learn how to avoid getting ghosted by
using multiple accounts,

If you’re planning on posting ads
on Craigslist, you’ll definitely wanna
check this out,


PS – Remember, the “Craigslist Strategy Guide 2.0”
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