Get more leads with this 3 step plan

Dear Friend,
Some people say getting leads
online is too hard,

Their excuses range from
common stuff like:

“It’s too much work”

“I don’t know where to start”

To extreme stuff like,

“It doesn’t work”

“Those leads are no good anyways”

Have you heard people saying stuff
like this?

Don’t listen to them,

Here’s what you do:

First – Stop hanging out with those losers

Second – Use a system that’s
been proven to work

Like the one in this email

3 Step Lead Gen Plan

Remember, you can use this with ANY of
your marketing (on and offline)

Step One: Choose your medium

Online it might be Craigslist
Offline it might be a postcard

Step Two: Build a Landing Page

Step Three: Capture and Follow Up
with your new leads

It really doesn’t have to be more complicated
than that,

If you want a bunch more ideas,
That’ll get you leads from Craigslist

In a simple – easy to follow way:

Then check out the “Craigslist Strategy Guide 2.0”
(going to print VERY soon)


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