Who wins in a fight: Google Adwords or Craigslist

Dear Friend,
Last summer I thought the answer was obvious,

But then I started doing research for
my new book,

The Craigslist Strategy Guide

Just in case you dunno what Google’s Adwords is,

That’s where you give Google
moolah to show your ads to people,

First I started by running a ‘test’
campaign on adwords,

It took about 6 months, but I finally
got one tenant from the campaign,

And the ROI was something absurd
like 500%

Then I got organized and started hammering
out Craigslist Ads,

Within the first week I had 3x the traffic
back to my site,

I was getting more leads,

Making more appointments,

And closing more contracts,

Which do you think is the winner?

If you said Craigslist then you’re gonna
like the section in my new book

The Craigslist Strategy Guide

Where you’ll get all the details on these
two campaigns,

Including the actual ads and techniques
I used to get these results,

And the best part is, when you buy
the guide – they’re all yours to use,

Try them out,

See what works for you,

And keep getting leads,

Pretty cool, huh?

The only thing is the guide is going to
print soon,

And I’m only printing a limited amount of copies,

So if you want to make sure you’ll get one,
Go to: http://craigsliststrategyguide.com/

Sign up for the “early bird notice list”
And you’ll have first dibs when the guide goes to print,


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