The Social Media Guy is Dead!

Dear Friend,
I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone this week,

One caller in particular opened my eyes,

He said, “You know Jonathan, before
you started emailing everyday I though
you were just the Social Media Guy.”

Holy crapperz Batman,
Me – A social media guy!

Just in case you thought (or think) that,
Let me tell you two things,

One: Once upon a time I drank the social
media Kool-Aid hard,

That part of me is dead now

Two: I came into this online world as a
real estate investor looking for a
way to get business

I needed a new way to reach people
that were looking to buy property

Then I got sidetracked by that
whole Social Media Celbri-tard thing

But it has always been about getting
the lead

If you’re tired of spending hours online
with no results

Other than the superficial “Like” and “RT”

Then you should check out this training call
I did with my Internet Marketing Bootcamp students

In this 30 minute call you’ll lean a simple
3 step formula to get people to sign up
for whatever you’re offering them,

No questions asked

It was probably the most important call of
the entire 6 week Bootcamp

And it’s yours today as a “Thank You”
for reading my emails.


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