The wrong way to do things

Yesterday was opposite day for me,

Not by accident,
I planned it that way

I was dreading Monday all weekend,

Because I had to do the only thing I
don’t like to do as a landlord,

I had to start an eviction,

And one thing I know is when I go
to the courthouse,

There’s gonna be a snafu or two
that’ll make my 1 hour visit
blossom into 3

Murphy’s Law…

Anyways, knowing that I was in for
a few grueling hours at the courthouse

I decided to try something different,

Instead of going there first thing in the
morning as I always do,

I went to the beach,

Took a 30 minute walk by the ocean
and had a sandwich on a dock while
I watched the surf,

After that I was off to do my dreaded deed,
And would’t you know it,

Stuff went wrong,
I missed some paperwork
Had to do some running around

But no matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t get mad about it

I guess sometimes doing things the
‘wrong way’ works better,

So the next time you hear
some obnoxious GuRu

Telling you the right way to market
your business is through Social Media

Run in the opposite direction screaming,

“I know better,
I subscribe to the Internet Marketers Monthly”


PS – Go break some rules today 😉

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