Module 7 | List Building Mind Map

Successful internet marketing is based on two basic principles. Traffic and Conversions. The first video on this page is a high level overview of how you would get traffic, either from Google or your social networks. The idea is to have everything linked back to a main “action” page (where you get your visitors to take action – like an email opt in)

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The networks you use should all point back to this main action page (opt-in page) to push people further down your sales funnel. Your social networking is only the first piece of the puzzle. This is where people find you, become interested in you, then finally decide to click on one of your links to find out more about you.

The next step is to get people to qualify themselves. Meaning they are interested in what you have to offer. the best way to filter people is by adding an email opt-in to your blog. This video will show you the process of a basic email opt-in and autoresponder campaign.

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The idea is to continue moving prospects through a “sales cycle” from just meeting you, to getting more information, to making a decision to choose you as their agent.