QR Codes

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How do you bring people from the “Real World” into the v-space?

It used to be cumbersome to have to type out a website name, or even remember it for that matter.  Now, with the proliferation of mobile devices with cameras pretty much any mobile can read a QR code.  If it’s not built in, apps are readily available in all the app stores.

While QR codes are not mainstream by any means.  Huge companies like Google and Best Buy are pushing QR codes into the mainstream.  While they do the heavy lifting, we can capitalize on the increased awareness to capture Tech Savvier consumers.  These three videos will show you how to create, track, and hack QR codes.

Video 1: Creating QR Codes and Saving them to your Computer

Video 2: Using a link tracker to measure the effectiveness of your QR code

Video 3: Using a link shortener to redirect your QR Codes [My favorite Hack]

I need your help…

If you have other ideas on how to use QR codes, or questions I need to know.  Leave a comment in the box below and I’ll answer your question, or create a video around it.  So help me— what can I do to make this EVEN better?