Module 4 | Content

In this module you’ll learn three strategies for creating content on the web to establish yourself as a “trusted expert.”

What is content?

Approximately 1/3 of American internet users is a content creator.

new-media-blueprint-creating-content from Real-TechGuy on Vimeo.

New Media Blueprint| What is Content from Real-TechGuy on Vimeo.

Content: Defined by Wikipedia-

In media production and publishing, content is information and experiences that may provide value for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. Content may be delivered via any medium such as the internet, television, and audio CDs, as well as live events such as conferences and stage performances. The word is used to identify and quantify various formats and genres of information as manageable value-adding components of media.

The lazy person’s guide to creating content


Hootsuite & Google Reader


  1. Go to Google Reader
  2. Scan Headlines
  3. Find articles you like
  4. Shorten the URL with Hootlet
  5. Share to your networks using HootSuite

Why this works:

With Google and Bing including real time search, your tweets and updates can now appear in the results.  If you time your updates well you can have a top spot in the search results daily.

When you’re picked up in search results your likely to get more traffic straight from Google Search, if you’ve set up your networks correctly this will be the first point of entry into your sales funnel.  This is where you establish credibility and offer lots of value.

New Media Blueprint| Lazy Mans guide to Creating Content from Real-TechGuy on Vimeo.

Fix it n Forget it


Google Alerts & Hootsuite


Using the keywords you found in module 3.

  1. Create “keyword feeds” into your reader
  2. Scan the headlines once per week
  3. Find headlines that match your keywords
  4. Visit the post
  5. Create a shortened link using Hootlet
  6. Schedule Tweet and update for later (generally you can schedule 2-3 updates per day max)

Why this works:

If you’ve done to research to make sure your using keywords that your audience is interested in, they are more likely to pay attention to your updates.  This technique works particularly well when updating to niche groups, or pages.

The second benefit is the “real time” search results.  If you schedule your updates for several different times per day you’re able to get in front of people who are on the internet at different times daily.  For instance you can schedule one for 9am Est, another for 12pm EST, and the last for 7pm.  This will ensure more people see your message.

*Lets be clear- I’m not a fan of this technique, but in most businesses it will work.

The Real Content Strategies

The Four Main types of content are:

  1. Written:  Writing helps not only with your SEO, but it also helps improve your communication skills.  You use this for blog posts, emails, and even status updates.  When most people think of written content they think of blogging.  To learn more click here <<Blogging>>
  2. Photos:  This is a quick and easy way to produce content.  Click here <<Photos>> to learn how to use photos for content.  Photos are also great for search engines, read this post to learn more about using photos for SEO.
  3. Video:  This is also a great way to connect with your audience and produce more content. Click here <<Video>> to learn more.
  4. Interaction (Status updates, comments, interactions)

Having your own Blog is essential

You absolutely need to have your own self hosted WordPress blog.  Your blog is the only place online that you have full control off.  It will be a credibility piece where people can connect and learn more about you as well as a living resume.  But most importantly it will be integral part of your sales funnel.


Online Resume: Your content is your resume.  you should share stories of people you’ve helped, things you enjoy talking about, photos, videos, and anything else that makes you uniquely you.  Just keep in mind the end objective to having a blog is to let people know more about you, where they can find you, and give them a reason to opt-in to your email list.

Sales Funnel: Look at your blog as a magnet to generate warm leads.  When someone visits your page they usually want to know three things about you:

  1. Who you are?
  2. What you can do for them?
  3. Why they should work with you?

More ideas for Content

Remember at the beginning of this module when we defined content as information and experiences that add value to the people around you?  Keeping that in mind, here are some additional ideas for content.

  1. Communities play an important role in whether or not a brand survives.  Click here <<Communities>> to learn more.
  2. Meetups are a great way to bring people together offline.  Click here <<Meetups>> to learn more.
  3. Twitter lists could be used as a neighborhood directory.  Click here <<Twitter Lists>> to learn more.

Just as a little bonus, I wanted to share The Secret to being successful with your online marketing.  Click here <<The Secret>> to learn more.

And once your done with all of that, watch This Video for the wrap up.