Module 5 | Controlling Traffic

By no you may have already figured out that the secret to using online marketing is controlling traffic.  the best way to control traffic is to use links.  In this module you’ll learn how to use links in your marketing and as a part of your sales funnel.

Links are shortcuts from where you are, to where you want people to be.

In this module you’ll learn

  1. How to link your Social Media Accounts
  2. How to shorten links using Bitly
  3. Link tracking and sharing strategy

Linking Accounts

Link Shortening & Tracking (Using

Link Sharing and tracking Strategy


  • Google Reader

-Find an article that has some of your keywords in the title.

-Create a shortened link for it

-On the first day share this link to your Facebook Page

-On the second day share this link on Twitter

-On third day compare stats to see where you got more clicks.

This is an example of a “test.”

You’re testing the same content in both Facebook and Twitter to see

1.  Where you’re getting more traffic

2.  What your audience is interested in

Note: You can expand this test to separate networks by adding days to the test and then reviewing the stats.


You should consistently track every link you share testing different variables to get a gage on your audience, what they are looking for and what they are interested in.

Bonus Test:  How comments effect traffic on Facebook

New Media Blueprint | Comments & Traffic from Real-TechGuy on Vimeo.