February 2010

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February  Referrals 

Wimberly, TX | Shannon Williams King  I need a buyers agent in Wimberly TX. Let me know if u can help! [email protected] 
Sevierville, TN | Peggy Worcester  Looking for a buyers agent in Sevierville, TN. Buyers are ready to be contacted now. Please email me at [email protected] or call me, 931-302-8197. Thanks in advance!
Finger Lakes, NY | Deb Counts-Tabor  I have good friends looking for a buyer’s agent for farm/land in the following locations: the Finger Lakes region of NY, the Hudson Valley in NY, western MA or southern Vermont. Send a note to [email protected].
St. Paul, MN | Andre Pinero  Hello All I need a realtor in St Paul MN. I have someone looking to rent 2 bedroom home 2bath. direct contact with client. please email me [email protected]
Alamo, TX | Tassilyn Fry  I have a seller referral for the Alamo, TX area. Property is around $65,000 or so. Is anyone interested? Email me [email protected]. I need someone Spanish speaking and willing to actually work this lead
Chipley, FL | Carleen Schigotski Sperato  Chipley, Florida- Sunny Hills. A good friend looking to sell 6 lots. If interested please contact me [email protected] & put Florida referral in the subject line
Orange County, CA | Shane Haithcock Helloall  Looking for a real estate agent in Orange County CA (Newport Beach). I have a client looking to purchase a town home or condo in the area. He has 100K to put down. Reply in the comments below.
Houston, TX | Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  I am looking for a listing agent in Houston, TX. Please email me directly at [email protected]
Darien, GA | Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Looking for a listing agent in the Darien, Georgia area. Please email me direct at [email protected]
Columbus, GA l Donna Vinson Clark  I am looking for a listing agent in Columbus GA. Contact info on my home page or email me at [email protected]
San Diego, CA l Natalie Bryant l I need an experienced agent, a friend is relocating in March contact me at [email protected] with info
Cumming, GA l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Looking for a listing agent in the Cumming GA area that is interested in speaking with an agent. Please email me direct at [email protected] for details. Thank You
Concord, NC l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Looking for a listing agent that is interested in speaking with a possible seller in the Concord NC area. Please email me directly at [email protected] . Thank You!
Port Angeles/Sequim WA l Tilly Mollenkramer  Need an Agent in Port Angeles or Sequim WA. Talk2Tilly at 360.457.1111……Accept Referrals as well.
Electric City, WA l Lori Winterhalter  Have a referral for 3 Listings ~ 1 Home & 2 Lots in Electric City, WA. Please send me an email at [email protected]
Haverstraw, NY l Barbara DeBerry  Need an aggressive listing agent for home in Haverstraw NY. Please call me at 973-709-1562 or e-mail [email protected]. Need to make contact today!
Los Angeles, CA l Renier A Dresser  Hello Everyone from the Central Coast of Ca! I am seeking a Top Quality agent to represent a client of mine on a purchase in Palos Verdes/S. Bay area of Los Angeles please feel free to contact me. Cheers!!
Delray, WV l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  **NEED** a short sale specialist near the Delray, WV area to assist one of our clients. Please email me directly at [email protected] for details. Thank you!
Eagen, MN l Suzanne Myers  Clients looking for a Home/Apt/Town home to lease! Contact me! Please email and I will forward your contact information to my Clients: [email protected]
Gilford, NH l Neily Soto  Need an agent in Gilford NH to send a referral to.Possible sale and vacation rentals while for Sale. please contact me at [email protected]
Jersey City, NJ l Starr Mosley  Looking for an agent in the Jersey City area to assist with my client. I am a realtor in Massachusetts, and have a strong buyer that would love to purchase.I am assisting my buyer with relocation and would love to link her up to a realtor that has knowledge of the …foreclosure market. Please send a private message, my client is ready to start as of March.Thank you
Phoenix, AZ l Pamela Kemp- Lombard  Looking for a buyers agent in Phoenix AZ. Have clients looking to move there in summer. Contact me at [email protected] if you can help
Pulaski, VA l Jenny Mccrary  agent from Pensacola Fl. I need someone to work hard on selling some Commercial Real Estate in Pulaski Virginia. My parents property and need someone to work it! [email protected] Paradise Coastal Realty No referral required. Just a good job!
Las Vegas, NV l Juan Paniagua  This is for a short-sale. My client lives in Los Angeles, but she has property in North Las Vegas…she would like to put it for short-sale. I am licensed realtor in California. This a referral. Please post or email me [email protected] if interested.
Boulder, CO l Kenda Walsh  I’m an agent in Texas looking for a buyers agent in the Boulder Colorado area that specializes in ranches. I have a buyer looking to purchase! Please email me at [email protected].
Jersey City, NJ l Cecilia Gutierrez Halim  I have a listing referral in Jersey City. Please PM me if you are an agent working in that area. Client will be an out of town client…. I am a Realtor from the Bay Area, California.
Mobile, AL l Channing E Carder l I need a buyers agent willing to work with a buyer looking for a second home in the Mobile, Alabama area. Buyer will be in the area mid-march to look. Please email me at [email protected]
Miami Beach, FL l Erick Ocasio  Hello Fellow Realtors. I have a client that wants to sell his property in Normandy Isle in Miami Beach, Fl. It’s a short sale on Normanday Isle and wondering what would be a good price to get it sold right away as well as He needs a Realtor in Miami, Fl to represent him. Help me out!!!! Thanks
Omaha, NE l Bev Hess  Looking for an agent in Omaha, NE – Have a client who has a house to sell. [email protected]
Miami Beach, FL l Erick Ocasio l I have two clients that want to purchase two short sales units in Normandy Isle and another client that wants to sell. Please email me at [email protected] or call me at 773-275-2700. ask for Erick Ocasio and let them know that you are calling about FL unit…s!!!. Please need help ASAP!!!! Easy Cash made. Clients are wonderful and Cash Deal!!!!!
San Pablo, Brazil l Angela Bordonaro Johnson  I need an English speaking agent for my family who is relocating. Please email me [email protected] for details.
Las Vegas, NV l Brigida Riccio Sapena  I need an agent within 15-20 minutes from strip, Las Vegas Nevada experienced in 55+ Gated adult community for a buyer coming out 3/2/10. email me [email protected]. Thanks!
Modesto, CA l Wesley Smith l I am a realtor in Chicago, IL. I have a client who needs a Realtor fluent in Spanish and English in the Modesto, CA area. If you are interested please let me know asap via email: [email protected] Thanks!
St Louis, MO l Denise Rogers  I am looking for an Agent in the St. Lois Mo.(Sunset Hills) area and a Bank to work with my Illinois clients. [email protected]
Hayward, CA l Alex Booth  I’m looking for a realtor in the Hayward, CA. area (Bay Area). I have a client which is relocating to the Austin, TX. area and needs to sell his home first. email me @[email protected]
Hainesport, NJ l Donna Merriman  I’m looking for a realtor in the HAINESPORT, NJ and/or DELMAR areas. I have clients looking to sell in Hainesport area and buy in Delmar area. Please Email me @ [email protected]
Lawrence, KS l Sean Payne  I am looking for a listing agent to sell my California client’s Lawrence, Kansas home near the University of Kentucky. [email protected]
Concord, NH l Jeffrey Carter  I need a Realtor who works the Cocord, NH market to conduct a CMA for a potential seller. Email me at [email protected] Thanks!
Franklinton, LA l Darla Bourgeois Nixon  I am looking for a REALTOR located in Franklinton, Louisiana. If interested, please contact me at [email protected] or send to my facebook email. Thanks!
Montebello, NY l Barbara DeBerry  ALERT**** looking for agents who know Montebello NY. Please contact me at [email protected]. Must be good listing agent
Bakersfield, CA l Renier A Dreser  I am looking for a REALTOR located in Bakersfield, CA. If interested, please contact me at [email protected] or send a message to my facebook email. Thank You!!
Pembroke Pines, FL l Yvette G. Valdes  I have a customer who needs a 2 story town home in the Aventura, Pembroke Pines and Miramar area in Florida. Please email directly to: [email protected] for more information.
Santa Barbara, CA l Mary Krummenacher  Need experienced Santa Barbara, CA realtor for relocating buyer contact via FB or direct at 314/496-8286 [email protected]
Brooklyn, NY l Janet Neigut Larsen  Need an agent in Brooklyn, NY (Prospect Park) for my cousin! Please contact me at 856-261-6910. Or email me at [email protected]
Mobile, AL l Karen Crumpton Adams  I have someone moving into the Mobile Alabama area soon. They are looking to rent for a while but may decide to buy later. Looking for a 4 bedroom in a decent area. If you know of anything in or around Mobile email me your info and I will pass it along. My email …is [email protected] Thanks Karen Adams with Prudential Collins Maury Realtors in Southaven Ms
Lake Elsinore, CA l Megan Laherrere  I need a Realtor near or in Lake Elsinore, have a listing to refer! Call me, (916) 716-6512
Richmond, VA l Frank Tommaso  I need a great short sale Agent in the Richmond, Virginia Church Hill area. Please email me at [email protected].
Florida l Richard Swanson  I need a mortgage professional partner in Florida for my Michigan clients. my license is for michigan only and i have many clients with several homes as well a some in Florida that needs financing.
Puerto Rico l Carmen Burns  I need a Realtor that works in Puerto Rico. Please email me at [email protected]
Sylvan Park, TN l Rj Vojnich  I’m looking for a great agent for a buyer in Tenn. Vandy area anyone out there? email me [email protected]
Glen Allen, VA l Patty Gable  looking for ‘go-getter’ listing agent for very special clients in Glen Allen, VA .. email [email protected]. Thanks much!!
Indianapolis, IN l Homesmiths Propinvesting  WANTED – Aggressive listing agent in Indianapolis, IN to market an investment property. The repairs are just getting finished now. Please email [email protected] or message me on facebook. We are willing to do sellerfinancing also.
Fort Smith, AR l Art Ambrose I am a Realtor in Elmira, New York who is looking for an aggressive Realtor in Fort Smith, Arkansas to work with a couple that will be relocating to Fort Smith after we get their house sold here. Please email me at [email protected] or call me 607-738-8900–Thank you, Art Ambrose
Harrisburg/Charlotte, NC l Jamie Brooks  Need a listing agent in Harrisburg / Charlotte NC … email me at [email protected]
Bucyrus, OH l Gretchen McKay  Bucyrus, Ohio. Looking for a residential agent for a listing opportunity. Gretchen McKay, Coldwell Banker King Thompson [email protected]
Lancaster/Dallas, TX l Dwayne Hatt l Needing an agent in the Lancaster/Dallas, Texas area who specializes in short sales & foreclosures. I need someone VERY experienced with an excellent track record. Please call me (Dwayne Hatt) at Image Realty in Paragould, AR at (870) 236-2121.
San Antonio, TX l Keith Melton  Looking for a Buyers agent in San Antonio. Buyers are needing an agent familiar with the UTSA area. Please respond by email to [email protected]
Chicago, IL l Mark Pertile  Looking for buyers in the Chicagoland area. Certified in Short Sales and Foreclosures. (SFR) Please contact me at [email protected]
Miami, FL l Edie E Pew  I need to refer my clients from Seattle to a buyers agent in Miami Florida. email me at [email protected]
Roswell, NM l Randy Cole  I need a Realtor for Roswell, NM for a good friend.
Wisconsin l Dana Casey  MN agent looking for WI licensed agent – to list a 2009 construction sf rambler on acreage with large out building and fencing. Current owner has this set up for horses.
Boston, MA l Daniela Solimano  Chicagoland Real Estate professional with Keller Williams, looking for a great agent in Boston MA for a very special 1st time buyer, I am also available to take care of your referrals, call me direct 773 474 4137.
Redding, CA l Durrell Thomas  I need Agent to list properties in Redding CA | clients live in SoCAL, to far for me msg me on Facebook
Myrtle Beach, SC l Dawn Cook Fowler  Looking for a lot that allows manufactured home, south end of Horry County, under $25,000. (Myrtle Beach SC Area)
Curtis, PA l Steve Favill  Needle in a haystack time! I need someone for a potential listing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, town of Curtis…… Any recommendations
Long Island, NY l Nicole Shelley  Hello everyone. My friend Justin Spiganardo is looking for a home on Long Island, NY. Zip code is 11001. Can anyone help him out? Looking around $300,000-$350,000. Email me at [email protected]
SE, TN l Tom Mackinnon  Looking for an agent in SE Tennessee – I am looking for land in that area Contact me if you can help
Floral Park, TX l Anne Snyder Fogleman  I need a very conscientious agent for Floral Park, NY. A dear friend of mine needs to sell or lease her parents’ home there.
Panama City, FL l Mary Lascelles  Looking for agent in Panama City area who handles $1,000,000 properties. I have other avenues but thought I’d try this group…I want to know how effective this is… 🙂
Orange County, CA l Khrystyna Chorna  Hi, I need a Prudential Agent in OC, California, for a high end client. Please proved track record and experience with luxury properties. Contact me asap. Thanks
Mesa/Phoenix, AZ l Stephanie Blackman  is looking for someone in the Mesa/Phoenix, AZ area to help a young couple find a temporary rental and then a house to purchase. If you can help, please email me at [email protected]. Many thanks!
Cypress, TX | Amber Barnhart Herbster  is looking for someone in the Cypress TX area for a potential listing. If you can help, e-mail me at amber at lcrohio.com. Thank you!
Henderson, CO l Michael Carter  am looking for a an agent in Henderson Colorado, call me 507-272-0591
Shreveport, LA l Jay Jennings  I need an agent for a qualified buyer referral looking in the Shreveport, LA area – call Jay Jennings at 251-223-1243
San Antonia/Corpus Christi, TX l Valerie Skorka Westmark  San Antonio Texas and Corpus Christi Texas. I need a great agent, actually two of them, to work with my parents that are considering a move from Denver to one of these cities. Please email me with a link to your website. [email protected]. Thanks so much.
Rockwall/Heath, TX l Claire Thompson  Rockwall/Heath TX, I have a young first-time home buyer couple starting to look and need an agent who is willing to walk them through the process. Both have great jobs. I am a licensed Realtor in Montana. . . .email or message me if you are the agent I’m looking for!! [email protected]
Stamford, CT l Andre Pinero  I am looking for real estate agents in Stamford CT !!!! I have someone looking for a 2 bedroom !!! please email me at [email protected] thank you !!!!
OH/VA/PA l Robert Suarez  I have a client looking for a 3 bed home in the country( they have horses) They have a price limit of under 100,000. But they are willing to move to Ohio, Virginia or the surrounding area around PA. Let me know if anyone can help find this family find a home. The horses a…re therapy animals for thier Daughters. Lets see if as a group we can find these people a home.
Floral Park, NY l Anne Snyder Fogleman  I need a good agent to list or lease a house in Floral Park, NY. Contact Anne Fogleman at 704-617-2111 or reply on FB. Thanks!
Sugarhouse, UT l Andre Pinero  I need real estate agents in Sugarhouse Utah !!!! Please email me at [email protected] I have someone looking for a a 2 bedroom apt !!!
East Flat Rock, NC l Gail Honeycutt  I have a listing referral in East Flat Rock, N.C…just outside Hendersonville..email me at [email protected].. or FB..thanks
Modesto, CA l Heather Weiland –anyone know of a good apartment locator in that area? Please email me [email protected] Thanks!
Battle Creek, MI l Chet Straley  I have a client looking to buy in the Battle Creek area…first time buyer…email me at [email protected]
Charleston, SC l Tawanda Giles  I have a buyer looking for a home in Charleston, S.C., send me an email please at [email protected]
Ft. Knox, KY l Mary Krummenacher  Buyer for FT. KNOX KY — [email protected]
Fort Myers, FL l Gina Graham Bertoli  I have a buyer for Fort Myers Florida area [email protected]
Oregon, IL l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Anybody in the Oregon, Illinois area interested in speaking with a potential seller? He is relocating and needs to sell FAST** Please email me direct at [email protected] for details Thanks
Pine Bluff, AR l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Have a client in need of speaking to an agent in the Pine Bluff Arkansas area regarding selling their home. They are relocating. Please email me at [email protected] for details. Thanks!
East Belleville, IL l Mary Krummenacher  – client has exquisite home to sell. email Mary Krummenacher at [email protected]
Bethlehem, GA l Jamie Brooks  Need a listing agent in Bethlehem, GA. Send me an email at [email protected]
Albany, GA l Nikki Dyba  Looking for a great Buyers agent in Albany G.A. Please email me at [email protected]
Matthews, NC l Chris Farley l Need listing agent in Matthews NC—–[email protected]
El Paso, TX l Tim Thompson  I need an agent in the El Paso, TX area for a referral for a client I have relocating to Fort Bliss……..Email for info…[email protected]
Rock Hill, SC l Dawn C. Owens  I need an agent in the Rock Hill area of South Carolina. Please advise if you want do a CMA and get a listing! [email protected]
San Antonio, TX l A. Carson Gallagher  Good Morning All, I need to find someone in the San Antonio, TX area that specializes on land acquisition including oil and gas leases. I’m in Austin, so the distance is an issue, but also this is not my area of expertise. I’d like to partner with someone on the deal.
West Chester, PA l Jane Belger  Looking for an agent in West Chester PA, Kennett square area. My cell 609-954-9896
Aiea Oahu, HI l Chandra Page Mast  Looking for an agent in Aiea, Oahu that specializes in Short sales/Foreclosures. Knowledge of military housing a plus.
Dayton, OH l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Looking for an agent to speak with a possible seller in Dayton, OH. Please email me direct at [email protected] for info. Thanks!!
Lawtey, FL l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Looking for an agent to speak with a possible seller in Lawtey Florida. Please email me direct at [email protected] for info. Thanks!!
Phoenix, AZ l Darnel Akana Garcia  I have s buyer that wants to buy in the Phoenix Arizona or a surrounding City. I need someone that specializes in that area.
South Bend, IN l Harry Ventimiglia  I’m looking for a realtor in the South Bend area for a referral! Anyone interested?
Irvine, CA l Dan Mullins  Need a buyers agent for Irvine, CA area. I have a client relocating.
Rockport/Palacios, TX l Mimi Esmirna Oritz Looking for 2 Referrals to give….1-in Rockport/Palacios, TX the other in Denton/Ft. Worth Texas area. let me know if you work those areas and would be interested in the referral. Thanks!
Fort Worth/Denton, TX l Mimi Esmirna Oritz  Looking for 2 Referrals to give….1-in Rockport/Palacios, TX the other in Denton/Ft. Worth Texas area. let me know if you work those areas and would be interested in the referral. Thanks!
Sullivan County, NY l Jill Lehmann-Ogden I have an individual looking to lease a bakery/bagel shop/donut shop or similar in Sullivan County NY. I can be reached by email: [email protected] or phone: 607-746-7400 x17. Thanks!
North West, GA l Ruth Sprinkle  Need a listing agent for two cabins in NW Georgia, near Tenn line, would prefer a CRS;you can contact me at my email:[email protected].
Atlanta, GA l Renee Thorpe Infinger  Need a Realtor in Atlanta, GA area for couple moving down with new job from Charlotte, NC
CA l Chris Stockman  **Looking for distressed or foreclosed properties** In the Inland Area of California I have very hungry buyers looking in that area. Contact Chris Stockman at [email protected]. Thanks
Greenville/Greer, SC l Cesar Fajardo  Hello everyone I need a good realtor that knows Greenville/Greer/Taylors, SC area. Message me your contact info as I have a client for you… I’m here in California so I want to refer them to you…
Huron, OH l Ted Oatts  I need an experienced Huron, Ohio Realtor to refer a $400,000+ residential listing. Who’s the best out there? I’m in central Ohio if anyone needs a great Realtor here!
Dallas, TX l Kim Stover Schumacher-Realtor  *N.DALLAS, TX REALTORS* In need of an executive 1 year lease. 5BR, 4.5BA, 3-4 car garage, pool w/ spa and yard space for two trained rescue dogs. McKinney, Frisco, Allen, N Plano – preferably overlooking water/pond, etc. Please contact Kim Schumacher at [email protected].
Hillsboro, NH l Cindy T Castillo  Looking for a Realtor in Hillsboro, NH to do a Short Sales in a multi family, one bank. Prefer Spanish speaking Realtor. [email protected]
Windsor, NJ l Lenn Taylor  Referral alert: Need very energetic listing agent in east Windsor , NJ 08530. email [email protected]
Spokane, WA l Kellie Ford Hammer  Looking for a Realtor in the Spokane WA area to work with my clients that will be relocating to the area from Puyallup area. Contact me Kellie Hammer at [email protected]
Jaster County, IA l Annette Mitchell  Looking for a Realtor that works in Jaster County, Iowa – I have a referral from our web site (Foreclosedhouses.com) that I need to place with someone. Referral fee is 20%. Please email [email protected] for the info on getting the referral.
Sun City, AZ l Sue Fernandes  I have a client looking for distressed/foreclosed properties in the Sun City, AZ area. Let me know if you work this area and know of anything! email me: [email protected]
Genesee County/Twin Lakes, MI l Annette Mitchell  Looking for a realtor that works in Genesee County, Michigan and Twin Lakes, Michigan. Please contact me a [email protected] if you would be interested in either of these leads.
Austin/Dallas, TX l Angela Barton-Jones  Looking for a realtor in the Austin area as well as possibly the Dallas area for a couple looking to relocate for retirement. email me at [email protected]
Huron, OH l Ted Oatts  I am looking for a HURON, OHIO experienced Realtor to refer a $400,000+ residential listing. Who’s great out there? [email protected] Please send me your greater Columbus, Ohio referrals. THANKS!
Greer, SC l Debbie Arriero Nc Broker  Looking for a Realtor in Greer, SC for a Referral. Must have ABR, CRS designations. A past client is relocating to Greer; will be there by March 8th. Please contact me at [email protected] or 704-451-3895.
Chandler, AZ l Johnny Huang  Chandler, AZ. Personal referral, short sale agent with experience. PM me for details.
Bonaire, GA l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  I am in need of somebody to speak with a potential seller in the Bonaire, GA area. Please email me direct at [email protected] for details. Thanks!! 🙂
Humboldt County, NV l Paula Pengelly  Humboldt County, NV I have a buyer referral [email protected]
Honolulu/Southside, HI l Annemarie May  My son is looking for some property in Honolulu/Southside, HI to rent, perhaps you could also provide some information on homes/condos for sale. He will be there in April. Please contact me: [email protected] Thank you, Annemarie
Meadows Of Dan, VA l Michael Ruzicka  I need a listing agent to help a client in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. If your interested please drop me a line at [email protected]
Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands l Rebecca Griggs  Need an agent in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands area to refer a client to.
Myrtle Beach, SC l Lisa A. Clingan Hamner  I have a client with a time share in Myrtle Beach, SC to sell. Please contact me if you specialize in timeshares in this area. [email protected]
Manhatten, KS l Stephanie Scott Ivy  I am looking for a buyers agent in the MANHATTEN KANSAS area. Clients looking to relocate mid June! Email me [email protected].
N Miami, FL l Janet Moore  Janet Moore, NYC is in need of an agent who can take a sales listing in North Miami, Florida. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]
Orlando, FL l Ed Tooker Experienced Short Sale Orlando Referral Agent needed for one of my Atlanta based clients who inherited a home in Orlando FL and is motivated to get it sold by means of Short Sale. Email me at [email protected]. Thx!
TX l Norma Delp  Gas Stations in Texas. Norma Delp is looking for gas stations in Texas for two different buyers. Corporate Own stations only. If you have any gas station listings, please contact me at [email protected]. Look forward to working with you.
Gainesville, VA l Julia Pollard  Hi everyone! I am looking for an agent in the Gainesville, VA area who does property rentals. I have someone who needs help finding a tenant for a property he owns. Contact me at [email protected] Thx!!
Fort Lauderdale, FL l Lisa Bear Need a “very fun” and experienced agent in Fort Lauderdale area to refer a client to. Clients are heading there this weekend and would like to start looking on Monday. please contact me at [email protected]. Remember me for Wisconsin referrals!!
Cape Coral, FL l Rana Kumar  Short Sale referral for Cape Coral, FL… Looking for experienced agent (who knows how to get short sales approved) for one of my Fort Lauderdale based client who is motivated to get it sold by means of Short Sale. Email me at [email protected]
Georgetown, DC l Deb Counts-Tabor  I am in need of someone to sell a home in Georgetown for a client of mine here. This is going to be about personality, not company. Shoot me an email. [email protected]
Palacios/Matagorda County, TX l Mimi Esmirna Oritz  SOUTH TEXAS REFERRAL…..I’m looking for an Agent that handles coastal property in Palacios, TX, Matagorda County. Pls. call/msg. me!
Denton, TX l Mimi Esmirna Oritz  I need an AGENT in Denton, TX that is willing to work with a First-Time Home buyer! Pls. call/msg. me if you are interested! Would love to work with you!
Virginia Beach, VA l Marianne Raymond  Need buyers agent to find a home in Virginia Beach for one of my clients. Please email [email protected]
Ft Myers, FL l Susan Itschner Bigham  Need a Ft Myers Florida agent that has ample knowledge of the foreclosure and short sales in the area.
Canton/Holly Springs, GA l Brian Jamie Medearis  I am in the need of an agent in the Canton/Holly Springs area of Northern Atlanta. I need a listing agent that is able to work with a 4% listing. Please contact me at [email protected] if you can help
Chandler, AZ l Gretchen McKay l Need a Realtor or Leasing Agent to assist home owners rent their home near Phoenix so they can move back to OH. Please email or post: [email protected]
Carmel, IN l Debbie Henderson  Looking for a great listing agent.
Luther, MI l Pamela Kemp- Lombard  Looking for a listing agent in Luther Michigan area. If you would be interested in listing a cabin and acreage please let me know. [email protected]
Palm Springs, CA l Kristin Harris  BUYERS AGENT in Palm Springs, CA and surrounding communities. *Ideal agent will have short sale experience, a can-do attitude, conservative values yet a casual style (my parents will feel more comfortable with someone who does not wear a suit) and who can make th…is an educational yet fun transaction. Please e-mail [email protected]
Las Vegas, NV l Malinda Wood Johnson  I am Realtor with Keller Williams in Kingsport, TN. I have a buyer who will be moving to the 89149 area of Las Vegas, NV in the next few months. My buyer will be in the area in March to look at some houses. Please contact me @ [email protected] if interested. Thank you!
Keystone Heights, FL l Jackie Ramsdell  Still looking for a GREAT agent in Keystone Heights, FL to refer a client to for a possible listing. Come on y’all help me. THANKS!! Have a SUPER evening!!
Short Hills/Warren Township, NJ l Paul F. Stillwaggon  NJ Estates Real Estate Group, Weichert Realtors Looking for 10 to 12 Fixer Uppers along Route 78 from Short Hills to Warren Township, New Jersey. Email [email protected], Web Site njestates.net. must be able to repair, turnover and make small profit.


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