June 2009

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June Referrals

This month was spectacular. We had 41 referrals which is the most in the groups history. I am very impressed with the growth of our group as well as the bond that are starting to form. If you want more referrals you need to be a Social REALTOR. Social Media is allowing us to connect faster than ever before and this group shows how that trend will mean more business for you.

Olena Nadberezhna wrote on June 4, 2009 Hi everyone, I have someone looking for a place for rent in New York, 2 bedrooms for the month of October. Please, let me know who would like to take care of it. Thanks. Olena Jackie Morneau wrote on June 4, 2009 Hello! Need someone to help my nephew find a decent place to rent near Seal Beach, Huntington Beach or Belmont. He is relocating and will be in town on Monday June 8 . No referral fee…just need an agent that can help please! Wendy Jamison wrote on June 6, 2009 Looking for a referral agent In Myrtle Beach. I have a client/friend looking for beachfront property 🙂 Linda Balades wrote on June 6, 2009 Referral quest. Need an agent in the Valencia, CA area. Have clients looking to move there. I don’t work that area. Let me know. Linda Balades-805-276-3335 or email [email protected] Thank you in advance. Debra R Attman wrote on June 7, 2009 anyone work in Pompano Beach Florida area I have a referral. Frank Mosca wrote on June 7, 2009 Need an agent for Cocoa Beach Area or any where near ocean 30 miles radius of Orlando. Call 631-235-3900. 3/4 bedroom condo/townhouse. Matt Smoot wrote on June 7, 2009 Referral for Herndon, Virginia!! I need an agent who is fluent in Spanish to list a home in Herndon. If you are fluent in Spanish, please contact me via e-mail. [email protected]. Thanks, Matt Smoot Home Selling Assistance Platinum Baltimore, MD Jill Stanton Bricker wrote on June 8, 2009 WANTED: Outstanding BUYERS AGENT SF Bay, Pittsburg, Antioch area for 1st time home buyer ready to purchase immediately…contact [email protected], ref. fee negotiable. Lynda Billars wrote on June 8, 2009 Lynda Billars with, the real estate company, needs an outstanding CRS Realtor in the Mound Minnesota Area. I have a client selling their home. Please call 605-376-7932. Valerie Thoreson wrote on June 8, 2009 **Referral Alert**Does anyone on here work in the San Bernadino/ Yuca Valley, CA area? Please email me if so at [email protected]… I have a deal for you 🙂 Linda Balades wrote on June 9, 2009 Referaral Alert! Looking for an agent in the Fresno area to handle clients of mine who will be moving there within the next month or so. Let me know if anyone is available. You can email – [email protected] Thank you Elsy Camacho wrote on June 9, 2009 **Referral Alert** Looking for an agent that takes good care of my clients in Horizon City, TX. They need to sell their house. Please contact me at my e-mail: [email protected] Thank you! =) Christine LeGrand wrote on June 9, 2009 **Referral** Looking for Realtor in the Locust Grove Area of Georgia in the Whispering Willows neighborhood. I have a Seller who is a dear friend in need of a GREAT Agent to help sell her home. She has had no luck so far with previous Agents. Would prefer to sell…but will consider it for a Rental…Please help!!
Contact me for more details @ [email protected].
Thank you! Lisa Lenstrom DiPasquale wrote on June 10, 2009 **Referral Alert** Am I doing this right? : ) Hi there, I have a referral for a home buyer is Pumona, CA….anyone work in that area? If so, please let me know, I’ll send right over!! Thanks, Lisa DiPasquale 1st USA Realty P.S…I work in the Phoenix area if anyone has any referrals, love to help and will take great care of them! Nicole MacDonald VanTreese wrote on June 11, 2009 Anyone servicing the MARATHON,FL area please contact me at 407-462-9050 or at [email protected] (after hours) as soon as possible. Thanks, Nicole Denise Allen wrote on June 11, 2009 Referral for a poss. buyer in Davenport or Kissimmee Florida area contact me at [email protected] Yuliya Callahan wrote on June 12, 2009 **Referral Alert** need a Russian Speaking Agent for a cash buyer in Washington DC Fabrizio Uberti-Bona wrote on June 12, 2009 anybody knows a broker in San Paulo, Brazil??? Nicole MacDonald VanTreese wrote on June 12, 2009 I have a buyer referral for Marathon, FL~ please contact me at 407-462-9050 or [email protected] Yuliya Callahan wrote on June 14, 2009 **Referral Alert** need Russian Speaking Agent in Miami Tanin Teston wrote on June 15, 2009 Does anyone have a good short sale negotiator for florida properties? I know a listing agent who has a couple of properties, has several written offers on them. She’s already put together the short sale packets. She just needs the negotiator. Please email me at [email protected]. David Messerschmidt wrote on June 17, 2009 Hello ALL I am looking for an agent that can Service Lilian ALA for a customer wanting to list his house. You can email me at [email protected] or post a note on FB Thanks in advance!! David Messerschmidt Realtor Gaston and Associates Realty Fort Walton Beach FLorida Christina Mitchell wrote on June 17, 2009 Looking for a house to rent in Castro Valley, minimum 3 bedroom 2 bath 4 bedroom 3 bath is a bonus! Rental budget is $2350 for 3 bedroom and $2390 for 4 bedroom. Looking to move at the end of July or first week of August. Can anyone help? 🙂 Juanita Culler wrote on June 18, 2009 Hi everyone. I’m looking for a realtor in the Baltimore city area. Rani Jones Calderon wrote on June 20, 2009 To all you eager agents in the LA area, I am looking for a Realtor to refer a BUYER to! Alysia Maher wrote on June 20, 2009 Looking for Atlanta based agent who handles residential rentals. My step daughter is relocating there. No job as yet. Need a safe area…Thanks for any suggestions. Bev Hess wrote on June 22, 2009 I am looking for an agent in Des Moines Iowa – anyone out there? send me an email at – [email protected] Deb Murray wrote on June 22, 2009 I am looking for a Buyers Agent in Cincinnati Ohio What to find someone who will take a referral of my daughter who is a first time home buyer looking for something in Hyde Park Eric Hale wrote on June 22, 2009 I have two leads for Ocala FL, does someone want them? Lori Winterhalter wrote on June 23, 2009 **REFERRAL ALERT** Looking for a Buyer’s Agent in SAN DIEGO – Close to Coronado – I can give the MLS # of the home they like too. Yvette G. Valdes wrote on June 23, 2009 I NEED SOMEONE IN WILLISTON FLORIDA, I HAVE 10 0NE ACRE PARCELS THAT I NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME SELL. Carrie Carter wrote on June 23, 2009 is looking for an excellent buyer’s agent in Annapolis, MD. Please respond to me directly! Thanks! Travis Allen wrote on June 24, 2009 ReMax Proffessionals Realtor, I have a reantal client that need to rent a home in the Bowie, Lanham Glenn Dale Maryland area $1500-2100 by July 1st. Let me know if you have anything immediately available. Pls email me at [email protected]. Janell Pollock wrote on June 24, 2009 ** REFERRAL ALERT** I may have a buyer referral for the suburbs of GREENSBOROUGH, NORTH CAROLINA. Client will be in your area mid July Katy Foltz wrote on June 25, 2009 I am in need of a Macon, Ga Agent…I have a buyer lead! Please contact me! Thank You! Lisa Phillips Sinclair wrote on June 26, 2009 for an agent in the Charlotte, NC area who can help a young family relocating from Northern VA. Would prefer someone with knowledge of the DC area, but not necessary! Brett Wenz Morton wrote on June 26, 2009 Seasoned Agent Needed* just outside the Myrtle Beach Area. I have a vey nice couple considering relocating from New Jersey. They will be down that way in a couple of weeks to scope out the area. Let me know if you are interested. Monica Gonzalez Foster wrote on June 26, 2009 **Referral Alert** I need an agent to list a duplex in Los Angeles in the Crenshaw area. Please send me a message via FB if you’re interested. Thanks! Bob Whigham wrote on June 26, 2009 I need a listing agent in the Jacksboro, TN area. Seller moving to Ohio, needs to sell home on lake. Dawm Baker wrote on June 28, 2009 I have a 4-Plex in TX and need to sell. Who can help me? Thanks, Dawn Stephanie Phillips Stoddard wrote on June 29, 2009 has a client relocating from Longview, Texas TO Dallas, Texas. If you are a full-time, experienced buyer’s agent/broker, please email: [email protected] Candace Kadivnik-Painter wrote on June 30, 2009 I need a realtor in Lakeland, Florida that will sell my daughter’s house….. Call me 513 266-1025………..Candace