March 2010

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March  Referrals 

Twin Cities, MN l Jane E Dillon  I have a client looking for a rental then will be buying in Twin Cities area of Minnesota.They will be needing the rental by April 1st. Email: [email protected]/615-668-9565
San Fransisco, CA l Wendy Harlow-Velthoven  I’m an agent in Michigan. I have a good friend looking to lease a Condo out in the SAN FRANCISCO area. Needs to be close to the BART system. He is also looking around Daly or Emeryville areas. Please email me at [email protected] if you or know of anyone that can help him! =) thanks!!!
Temple, TX l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Have a possible seller lead for a listing agent in the Temple, TX area. Please email me direct at [email protected] for details. Thanks!!
Wichita, KS l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  Possible seller lead for listing agent in Wichita, KS area. Please email me direct at [email protected] for details. Thanks!!!
Taylor Bay, WA l Marcus Angeline  I have a listing referral for the Taylor Bay area of Pierce County, WA. Beachfront, Gated Community, 2 Story Cabin. Need an Agent. For more info [email protected]
Queen Valley, AZ l Tere Alvarez  looking for agent who can do a CMA resulting in listing of property in Queen Valley, AZ. For more info, call 407-715-2652 or [email protected]
Tulsa, OK l Rebecca Matheis-Easton  REQUEST FOR REALTOR/PROPERTY MANAGE IN OKLAHOMA…Need to refer business to Tulsa so please if you are a property manager there contact me immediately. I will be online searching for lead in the next hours so contact me immediately if you’re interested in making some quick cash!
Beaufort, NC l Lisa Albertson  Looking for someone to help us rent a house near Beaufort, NC. anyone out there? it’s on the water in Straits and would prefer a longtime rental, but would consider seasonal. Call me at 336-988-2017. Thanks
Washington, DC l Tawanda Giles  Washington, DC area, client is looking for a rental, please contact me at [email protected] if your interested.
Fort Myers/Cape Coral, FL l Megan ‘Tate’ Eister  Hello! Looking for a Listing agent with BULK REO properties for sale or Developer close outs in LEE COUNTY, FL (Fort Myers/Cape Coral)-I have a BUYER NOW!! I need 50 to 70 homes ASAP! Email me at [email protected] or contact me via my website …at Thank you! Megan Eister
Marysville/Yuba City, CA l Michele Johnston  needs to find a professional full-time realtor in the Marysville/Yuba City area of Northern California. Looking for an agent to list and SELL a 2100sq foot home located on 17 acres and has a wonderful large barn that will work for horses or RV storage. Please contact me on facebook or call 901-647-2856
Lake Tahoe, NV l Matthew Coates  looking for a realtor in the Lake Tahoe,NV area. I have a client who has a free & clear home to sell
Spearfish, SD l John Anderson  Need a Realtor for potential buyer in Spearfish, SD area. please contact John Anderson (307) 247-3393 or email [email protected]
NE Philadelphia, PA l Inga Ward  I am looking for a very good LISTING AGENT to REFER business to in the NE PHILADELPHIA area. If you, or someone you know, is an Experienced, Honest, Dedicated Listing agent in this section of Philly, please email me at [email protected] for a possible referral. Thanks!
Scott Air Force Base, IL l Vivian L Carrigan-Jankauskis  I am looking for a buyer’s agent in the area of Scott’s Air force base. First time home buyers just wanting to know the market right now. The transfer is not confirmed yet. Please email me at [email protected]
Las Cruces, NM | Andi Durbin Possible listing referral. Need agent experienced in the area around Dalrymple Ave and Dona Ana Rd. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
Los Angeles/Orange County, CA l Christine Lipe Derr  I am looking for a buyer’s agent who is knowledgeable in foreclosures. I work in San Diego County and receive several requests for Orange County and Los Angeles foreclosure listings. Please e-mail me your contact information at [email protected] or send me a friend request.
Punta Gorda, FL l Art Ambrose  I am a broker in Elmira, NY looking for a competent, professional, aggressive realtor in Punta Gorda, FLA to work with a doctor who will be in Punta Gorda this coming weekend to look at property–please email me or call me at 607-738-8900 if you are interested in a referral—thanks, Art Ambrose, RealtyUSA-Elmira.
Dayton, OH l Joey-and Terri Levesque  Need a Realtor for a buyer in the Dayton Ohio area. Please contact Terri Levesque @ (318) 464-2914 or email [email protected].
Lenora, KS l Matt West  I’m looking for a REALTOR for a seller in Lenora, Kansas that has experience with hunting and camping property. Please email me at [email protected]. Thank you!
Portland, OR l Rani Jones Calderon  Need a referral for a Realtor in Portland, Oregon. Send me a message on fb or email me [email protected]
Atlantic City/Cherry Hill, NJ l Richard Solkin  I need a Realtor in South Jersey…… Atlantic City area & Cherry Hill area………… I am in Tampa Fl
TX l Rebecca Thompson  I am a realtor in Texas. A client of an associate is wanting to buy a mobile home park in Texas. Would anyone out there have any leads on a Texas mobile home park for sale
Glendale, MD l Keith Holbrook  I have a referral for a Realtor in the Glendale, Maryland area. Please email me at [email protected] with your contact information. The referral is for a good listing agent.
Washington, DC l Steve Albin  One possible referral for Move Area(s): WASHINGTON, DC E-mail me [email protected]
Waldorf, MD l Steve Albin  One possible referral for Move Area(s): WALDORF, MD E-mail me [email protected]
Las Vegas, NV l Mona Cadle Brown Riekki  Looking for a Las Vegas agent that wants to sell new homes in the area. I work with several homebuilders and we need good agents. Must have a NV RE license. Can do resale as well. Check out our fb page……tmirealty
Orlando, FL l Jo-el Aberts Fishburn  Summerbay Orlando, FL. Looking for a listing agent to sell a timeshare. Email me @ [email protected]
Ft Myers/Sarasota, FL l Jerry Sutton  Looking for a Buyers agent in the Ft Myers, Sarasota Florida area. The buyer is a friend. I am an agent in Branson Mo. Please contact me via facebook, E mail ([email protected]) or phone (417-527-1843). Need someone who is very familiar with pricing, finance, an…d insurance. My name is Jerry Sutton , TriLakes Realtors ,Branson West, Mo
El Salvadore l Christine Fuller  I am looking for a RE/MAX agent in El Salvador. Anyone know of any Realtors there?
Rahway, NJ l Vid Lopez  Looking for an experienced Realtor/Broker in Rahway, New Jersey for buyer referral. Please contact Vid Lopez @ [email protected] asap. Thanks!
Evansville, IN l Mary Metzger Hoog Jenkins  EVANSVILLE, INDIANA… Looking for an agent to list a Short Sale property. Contact [email protected]
Fort Lauderdale, FL | Becky Bridges Ingling  Looking for an agent to sell a timeshare in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Contact Becky Ingling, [email protected]
Sandy, UT l Jerry Pierce  Looking for a Selling Agent in Sandy, Utah with knowledge of local market to assist my clients in selling their home
Kennewick, WA l Mike Kelly  Looking for a Buyer’s Agent in the Kennewick [Tri-Cities] Washington area.
Washington County, MD l Jim Welk  Looking for sellers in Washington County, MD… I have got qualified buyers and need sellers… If you plan on listing, I need 3+ bedrooms, 2+ baths, basement, garage and .5+ acres. $250,000-$350,000 range. Call me at RE/MAX Achievers 301-739-4800…
Waco, TX l Sharon Edwards Tremor  I need to find an agent in Waco Texas to refer my past client to…[email protected]…. IS WEICHERT REALTORS THERE?
Corpus Christi, TX l Ryan Newlin  looking for a Corpus Christi, TX realtor to send a buyer referral. send me facebook message.
Morgan Hill, CA l Laura McFarland  Have client looking in Morgan Hill Ca for 4/2, 2000 sf+ under $630k in quiet location; remod kit would be super plus, no pool. We’ve seen everything on MLS so hoping to get a heads up on a pocket listing or a coming soon. Call Laura at 408-621-9360.
Clearwater, FL l Marinda Okelberry  Looking for an experienced agent in Clearwater, FL to whom I can refer one of my clients. Please message me if you, or an agent you know, is an area expert. Thanks!
Frankfort, KY l Bruce Moore  Looking for a Realtor in Frankfort KY that knows the market there, or you know of anyone, please send me a message.
San Jose, CA l Wilma Roman  Looking for an experienced agent in San Jose, California my daughter is relocating to San Jose California, what are the good neighborhoods around the area. If you are interested in a referral write to [email protected]
Tulsa, OK l Marilyn Milliken Boudreaux  Apparently there is no Century 21 in Tulsa, OK to help me! I am looking for an experienced Tulsa, OK real estate agent to send a referral to! Please contact me [email protected]
Atlanta, GA l Michael Roberts  Atlanta, Georgia area…I am in need of a property manager for a very dear friend. 4 rental homes. You can reach me at 408-505-5614 or [email protected]
Ft Myers, FL l Jodie Johnson  Looking for a Realtor in Ft. Meyers, FL to sell some land! Please contact me asap!!
Fort Mill, NC l Tara Donahue-Scott  I need a good agent for Fort Mill, North Carolina. [email protected]
South FL l Sean Segaloff  looking for a realtor who handles rentals in south Florida, Ft Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, possible even Miami. A Prudential agent is preferred but not required. send me a private message if you can help
Louisville/Audubon Park, KY l Bill Rawlings  looking for an experienced agent to List Property in Louisville, KY (Audubon Park) area AS WELL AS find the Seller a bigger home in the same area. Please message me if interested or if you would recommend anyone that is an area expert. Thanks!
Orlando, FL l Kookkai Dempsey  I’m looking for agent that speaks Mandarin in the Orlando area to refer a customer to. Please call me at 321-277-9944
Idaho Falls/Ammon, ID l Jennifer Webb Jolley  I am looking for am agent in the Idaho Falls/Ammon area. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in helping out my Clients moving to the area. Jennifer
Bonita Springs, FL l Matt Reyes  Looking for top agent in Bonita Springs, FL to assist a client with finding a distressed property. Client can pay cash for the right property. Email me at [email protected]
Plano, TX l Shawn Trock  Looking for a REALTOR in the Plano, TX area that can help my pre-approved buyers find a home in their price range. Email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 865-684-4673
Brentwood, CA l Becky Brock  Any agents in Brentwood, CA that would want to help someone looking for a home to rent?
Onslow County, NC l Debbie Ullom  Looking for a realtor in Onslow County North Carolina to help find the first home for my marine son to buy. Need someone to look out for him like mom would. Email me at [email protected]
Marion, IN l Keith Reeves  I need a buyer’s agent in Marion, IN to assist a brother-in-law in buying a home. He is at the very beginning of the buying process and may/may not actually buy. Please send me an email to [email protected] if you are interested
Hommassasa, FL l Keith Flannery  I need a Listing Agent in Hommassasa, FL for a rental home my parents have. Need to sell asap. Might be a short sale situation. Please email me if you are a serious Full time realtor [email protected]
Palmdale, CA l Peggy Vanzant Banks  Need a knowledgeable buyers agent for Palmdale CA. Older couple with a lot of questions. Please email me if interested [email protected]
Palm Bay/Malabar, FL l Nick Petrocci  I’m looking for an agent, who specializes in land sales, for the Palm Bay/Malabar, FL area to help a client sell a lot. Thanks for your help, Nick Petrocci [email protected]
Pittsburgh, PA l Fred Glick  I am looking for a buyer agent in Pittsburgh, PA for a pre-approved excellent buyer looking to buy ASAP on the South Side. Please email [email protected] if you are a great agent that can handle a buyer!
Nashville, TN l Margaret Cheatham Johnson  I am looking for a CRS agent in Nashville TN to work with a qualified buyer looking for a vacation condo/townhome in the heart of the Music City! Give me a shout! Margaret Johnson, CRS Realty World Carolina Landmark – Statesville, NC [email protected]
Norfolk,VA l Cathy Hotta  Aloha! I am looking for an agent who does property management in Norfolk, VA to assist a relocating family with finding a rental property. Please email [email protected] if you are able to assist them. They are relocating from Hawaii at the end of March.
Lake Mohawk/Sparta, NJ l David A Roebuck  Lake Mohawk, Sparta, NJ ~ Looking for a REALTOR to list a home in Lake Mohawk with possible buyer agent referral also. You must list and sell in Lake Mohawk and be a “specialist” in Lake Mohawk properties. Sales information will be requested for referral. …~ David A. Roebuck ~ [email protected] ~ 800-747-1968 x3227
Outer Banks, NC l Jorge Reyna  I have a client that needs a Listing Agent in the Outer Banks region in NC. Please email me at [email protected] with your info- Thanks.
Key Largo, FL l Merrie Ball Schaar  Key Largo Fl short sale specialist. Atlantic side with access 250K email@[email protected]
Cary, NC l Tricia W. Lynch  I need a commercial real estate broker in Cary, NC. Please e-mail me: [email protected]
Marion, IN l Keith Reeves  I need a buyer’s agent in Marion, IN to assist a brother-in-law in buying a home. He is at the very beginning of the buying process and may/may not actually buy. Please send me an email to [email protected] if you are interested
Oklahoma City, OK l Inosente Salgado Hello, I need a Realtor in Oklahoma City for a Short Sale listing. They must understand the Short Sale process. I have my own experienced negotiator for the Short Sale and were ready to get started. Please send me an email to [email protected] or a private message if interested, Thanks! Ino
Beloit, WI l Brian Marcus  I have a past client looking to sell their parents home in Beloit Wisconsin. They want to meet next Friday with a realtor ( driving in from Minneapolis to meet the realtor) if you are interested and serve this area please email me at [email protected] or respond to this thread and I will pass your info.
Prescott, AZ l Jimmy Kearns  I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO HELP MY BUYER IN PRESCOTT, AZ……480-225-2361
Stonybrook, NY l Kenny Moran  I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO HELP MY CLIENT IN STONYBROOK, NY….. 914-438-7529 OR [email protected]
Naples, FL l Erik Pariseleti  We are looking for someone to help our client buy in the Naples Florida area, please email us at [email protected]… Thank you
Hickory, NC l Margaret Cheatham Johnson  I am looking for a CRS agent to help a qualified first time buyer in Hickory NC. Give me a shout if you can help! Thanks! Margaret Johnson, CRS Realty World Carolina Landmark – Statesville NC [email protected]
Pueblo, CO l Sandra Herring  I have a qualified buyer client relocating to Pueblo CO in need of an experienced buyer’s agent. If interested, give me a shout . [email protected]
Knoxville, TN l Robert Mixon  I have client looking for home in Knoxville, Tennessee. Cash buyer, prefer newer construction in $300k – $350k range. Contact me @ [email protected] or 864-506-0519
Washington, DC l Kim Neer  I have a buyer looking for a condo/home in Washington DC in the district. 280,000 range. They also need help finding some great local lenders! Ready to buy! Please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks!
Naples, FL l Brewster Kump  I have a buyer referral in the $200-$300k Range for the Naples area. Contact: 561.310.9977 or [email protected]
Cochranville, PA l Jennifer Metcalfe Collier  In need of a listing agent to speak with a potential seller in the Cochranville, PA area. Knowledge of short sales might be helpful, but isn’t an absolute necessity. Please email me direct at [email protected] for details.
Texarkana, AR l Barbara Egbert  I need a short sale listing agent in Texarkana, Arkansas. Please help!!
Duluth, MN l Melissa Terronez  I have clients that would like to relocate to Duluth, MN and will need a buyers agent. We’re waiting for their house to sell here in Watertown, SD. We’re negotiating an offer today so it could be close. Please email me at: [email protected] if you’re interested.
Orange Park, FL l Alisa Kellington l Orange Park, Florida-I have a wonderful past client (I sold her home near the Pittsburgh Pa area) who is looking for a dynamic listing agent to sell her home in Florida. Please email me at [email protected] if you would be interested in helping this client.
Denton, TX l Deborah Gallagher  I need a referral to an outstanding property management company in Dention, TX. Thanks!
Lake Tahoe, CA l Arturo Shivers  **SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA REFERRAL ALERT** I have a pre qualified buyer looking for properties the week of April 6th, 2010. Tahoe Keys area 3BR/2BA, 2-car gar., public transportation accessible, Price to $350K to $400K. CONTACT| Arturo Shivers, Realtor, Keller Williams… Realty | (925) 855-8333 …Ext. 272 | Email: [email protected]
Corydon, IN l Alaskas Fine Homes  I have a client wishing to sell their home in Indiana. Desires Agent licensed in both states or at least one licensed in Indiana that wants the work and willing to work hard. 15 minutes away from downtown Louisville. These folks are great referral sources. If interested in this referral please call 907-745-8353 or email [email protected]
Marlboro, NJ l John Kantorski  I have a client currently living in Marlboro, NJ, who is looking to sell their home as they are being relocated to Maryland for BRAC. Need a GOOD NJ agent to help them sell their home in Jersey while I help them find a home in Maryland. Message me here or find my info at Thanks!
Finland, OH l Ted Oatts  I NEED TO REFER A RESIDENTIAL BUYER TO A BROKER IN THE FINDLAY, OHIO AREA. WHO’S THE BEST UP THERE? Please send me your info and referral policy. Thanks! [email protected]
Las Vegas, NV l Gail Abbott  I NEED TO REFER A BUYER TO A BROKER IN LAS VEGAS. I need your information and referal policy info. Thanks!! [email protected]
Galveston, TX l Tom Houge  looking for a Realtor® in Houston, Texas who specializes in the Galveston area. [email protected]
Bethesda, MD l Ramona Lisa Cwik Matthews l Need a rental referral in Bethesda, MD, for my niece who is doing a 4 month internship at NIH. Safe place for a young female close to NIH? Any recommendations? Please call me at 704-699-2113 or email at [email protected]. Thank you.
Hawaii Kai/Waikiki, HI l Ken Gines Ken Gines  I have cash buyers looking for ADA (no walk ups) in either Hawaii Kai or Waikiki FS condo 500k and under 2/2/1. [email protected] Anyone with pocket listings, please call 808-389-0489.
Davis, CA l Ayelet Gilad  I am looking for a real estate professional that can help a relative of mine purchase a house/condo in Davis, California. please email me directly to [email protected].
Bartlesville, OK l Betsy Sharp  I know a couple moving to Bartlesville, Oklahoma that need a two bedroom home. Feel free to message me on here for contact info if you are in the area and can help.
St. MArtin, MS l Julie Adler Mahfood  Looking for an aggressive and experienced agent for a listing of a residential lot in the Ascot Point Development of St. Martin, MS. Please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you, Julie Mahfood
Adirondacks, NY l Amy Wood Gonzalez  Piseco Lake in the Southern Adirondacks, Hamilton County, NY. Looking for an experienced listing agent for a lakefront property. Email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Amy Wood Gonzalez, Warren Real Estate
Fort Myers, FL l Ruthie Mae Parker  Looking for an agent in Fort Myers, Florida to list and sell a home. Prefer a Keller Williams Realtor but open to all to reply! Please contact me today if available for listing referral. Thanks!
Atlanta, GA l Tawanda Giles  Looking for a patient dedicated agent for my client in Atlanta area , he is looking to purchase in the Lawrenceville, Swannee and Duluth area’s, please contact me today if that’s your area. Thanks!
Hudson, OH l Mark Lyndon Gardner  I have a client here in Mississippi looking for a house(possibly a foreclosure) in Summit County Ohio, preferably near Hudson. Some acreage preferred, maybe 2-5 acres. Let me know if you are able to help them. Thanks, [email protected]
Indianapolis, IN l Kathy Knese  Indianapolis IN 46259, need experienced short sale agent to work with first time buyer, wants to write offer for the home that she rents that is not on the market yet, so please experienced short sale agent only. thanks send contact info to [email protected]
Morristown, NJ l Gina Tufano  Looking for a fab listing agent in Morristown NJ – any rec? please contact [email protected]
Charleston/Folley Beach, SC l Todd Hess  I am looking for a trustworthy agent in this area to find vacation and investment homes for one of my clients located in my area. Experience with investments is a plus. Call me at 256-541-2964 or email me at [email protected].
San Francisco, CA l Kim Larsen Sandberg  San Fran, CA. Need to find a great, caring, patient referral agent in San Fran area for a customer who is just in beginning stages of home search from overseas. Must be great at email/internet & relationship building. Email or text me: Kim Sandberg, [email protected] or 904-703-4715
North GA/Chattanooga, TN l Barry Wolfert  Need an agent who works in the north Georgia/Chattanooga TN area for a buyer referral. Please contact me directly at [email protected]. Thanks, Barry.
Caruthersville, MO l Michael Ruzicka l Listing agent needed in Caruthersville Mo for 2700 sq foot single family residence! If your interested in this referral please drop me a line at [email protected] Thank you!
Sugar Hill, GA l Jackie Provost Cecchini  I need a listing agent for a condo in Sugar Hill GA. Please email me directly at [email protected].
San Diego/Camp Pendleton, CA l Sam Mcfarland  San Diego/Camp Pendleton, CA area. Husband military career marine and wife to relocate November, 2010. Please message me on FB.
FL l Marjory Couch Stawiarski l Does anyone sell Florida timeshares?
Lee County, FL l Yossi Zilberman  I represent many Cash Buyers that are looking to buy in Lee county and specially LEHIGH ACRES (Turn-key and positive cash flowing) single and double Properties.
Duluth, GA l Scott Brown  Short Sale Listing Specialist Needed- Please contact me, I have a friend who needs to sell there ASAP. Thank you, Scott Brown, [email protected] is my email address. When emailing me please include your name,company,address,phone,email,facebook profile,as well as your regular website,and how much referral you usually pay for a 280k listing short sale lead.
Miami Beach, FL l Thomas Druck  Need somebody to work with a buyer in Miami Beach. Looking for a condo around $150k. They will be in town by tomorrow, so immediate contact is required. If you are interested email me at [email protected]
Palm Bay/Malabar, FL l Nick Petrocci  I’m looking for an agent, who specializes in land sales, for the Palm Bay/Malabar, FL area to help a client sell a lot. Thanks for your help, Nick Petrocci [email protected]. Please email me directly and not to this post. Thanks.
El Paso, TX l Candice A Donofrio  If you are a Realtor in El Paso TX give me a shout. Seller referral, great client. 🙂
Oak Ridge, TN l Wendy Monday  Needing a Realtor in the Oak Ridge, TN area. Anyone specialize in homes in that area?
Washington, DC l Lanre Folayan  *** Commercial Property Search*** Washington/DC. Know someone who is looking for apartment building to build with at least 40 units. Must have at least an 8% cap rate. If you know anyone,Please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks.
Hilton Head, SC l Sharon Kennedy  have a client who wants me to refer them to a Realtor in Hilton Head..for a purchase…email me asap…[email protected]. Thanks Sharon
Boynton Beach, FL l Linda Ginex-Bull  *CMA & Net Sheet Alert* *Could VERY likely turn into a referral to list in near future as seller wants to move back to CA. Please email me if you work this area at [email protected] Thanks!
Somerset, KY l Stephanie Deese Smith  Looking for a buyer’s agent near Somerset, KY. Email [email protected] if you can help! Thanks!
Albuquerque, NM l Mary A Wallace  Buyer for Single Family Home in Albuquerque NM, client thinks the North side… if you can help, please send me your info at [email protected] – Let me know if you have any needs in Sunny Arizona as well!! ABR, SFR, working on my GRI – Thank You!
MI l Joan Carrier  Commercial buyer*REFERRAL ALERT****Looking for an industrial building preferably in Michigan with 50 megawatt power feed or higher to site. Additional power source also desirable. [email protected] 616-335-2329
San Clemente, CA l Janine Guthrie  I’m looking for a good listing agent in San Clemente California……..
Poulsbo, WA l Marianne Guenther l Have clients that are moving to the Poulsbo from Spokane, WA. Please email me: [email protected] Marianne Guenther 509-879-3779
Lake Havasu, AZ l Bernadette Huffman  Looking for a Realtor preferably an ABR in the Lake Havasu City area for a buyer client. Please call me at 623-340-0761 or email me at [email protected]
Venice, FL l Kimberly Main-Hill  Looking for a buyers agent in the Venice, Florida area for a referral. Please contact me via email at [email protected]
Pensacola, FL l Megan ‘Tate’ Eister  Need a CMA/Opinion of Value for a property in Pensacola, FL for a possible listing referral. Please email me direct at [email protected] Megan Eister, Broker Florida WestShore Realty.
Lexington Park, MD l Lisa Burrow  Looking for a buyers agent for Patuxent River in Lexington Park, MD. Military due to transfer in Sept 2010. Please contact me via email at [email protected] with why my referral would want to hire ya, website links, and any other information you’d like for me to share with my client. Thanks…
Morgantown/Denver, PA l Krista Ramassini Sipos  Looking for buyer agent in Morgantown PA / Denver PA for immediate purchase! Please call Krista Sipos at 412-537-8834 or [email protected]
Camp Lejeune, NC l Coretta McKinney  I have someone looking for a Rental around Camp Lejeune that will accept a German Shepard, please contact me if you can help.
Middleton, TN/KY l Debbie Henderson  Fellow Tennessee/Kentucky agents: SEARCHING for a horse farm in Middle TN and Kentucky area – nice house, minimum 15 acres, minimum 5 stall barn. Can you help?
Thousand Oaks, CA l Jesse Salas  Looking for an experienced agent in Thousand Oaks, CA? Anyone know a good agent?
Columbia/Sumter, SC l Tori Lawson  BUYER AGENT needed for Columbia, Sumter area SC with acreage/Tori Lawson/email me at: [email protected] if you can help.
Kansas City, MO l Nikki Zimmerman-Janulewicz  Short Sale Listing Agent needed in Kansas City, MO. Need an experienced short sale listing agent. Email me at [email protected]
Freeland, WA l Ute Faulkner  I am looking for a Buyer agent in the Freeland , WA area. First time home buyers for immediate purchase and ready to roll. Need a motivated Agent that will work hard for this couple. E-mail me [email protected]
Royce City/Rockwall, TX l Tiffiny Scott  I am looking for a CRS certified agent in the ROYCE CITY, ROCKWALL area of Texas to represent a seller wanting a fast paced sale.
Little Rock, AR l Felicia Taylor  Looking for a realtor in Little Rock Arkansas to help a client with an eviction…please send message with your contact information.
San Antonio, TX l Kim Albert  Looking for a Realtor in San Antonio, TX for a referral. Client is in need of a CMA ASAP! Please send me a message with your contact info. Thanks
Lake Placid, FL l Inga Ward  Looking for a good, experienced LISTING AGENT who can can market and sell LAND in Lake Placid, FL. If you, or someone you know, is interested in this opportunity, please email me at [email protected] at your earliest convenience. Thanks!
Chicago, IL l Anika Brewster  I have 2 clients looking for townhouse/condo/sf in the south suburban Chicagoland area. Price range 150k-180k 3-4 br, 2 ba, basement, 2 car garage. I f you have anything please don’t hesitate to contact me through my FB inbox or personal email [email protected]. Thanks
San Antonio, TX l Angela Barton-Jones  possible referral in San Antonio, need someone who specializes in property management or Section 8 housing. I am not familiar with this type transaction and I have a contact who needs help relocating [email protected]
Kissimmee, FL l Sherri Fowler  Hi everyone! I’m in need of an agent to refer a time share in Kissimmee, Florida that would like to be listed. Please contact me if you’re interested. Thanks!!
Newark, NJ l Roland Ramkissoon  hey gang I am looking for a great realtor in Newark New Jersey
Anderson, SC l Amanda McConnachie  I’m a licensed realtor in New Brunswick, Canada and I have a referral for a listing in Anderson SC. Client looking to sell the 1st of April. Please email me [email protected] I’d like an aggressive listing agent focused on customer service. thanks
Moriarty, Mexico l Bonnie Bettencourt-Stiner  I have a client in Moriarty, New Mexico that needs a listing agent asap! Email me at [email protected]
Port Charlotte/North Port, FL l Danielle Paraldi Meady  Pt Charlotte/North Port, Fl agents. I have a client that I would like to refer to you. Please contact me and we can discuss this further! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Whidbey Island/Mokkatio, WA l Ute Faulkner  In the Whidbey Island, Mokkatio Wa. area. Please contact me [email protected]
Treasure Coast, FL l Angela Geller  I love referrals! Have a client who would like to move to the Treasure Coast area of South Florida…Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties? I’m happy to work with buyers and sellers! Investors too! Call/Email anytime! ABR, CRS, GRI, CDPE,, [email protected]
Fort Meyers, FL l Magda Robles  Looking for a bilingual realtor – South Fort Myers area Florida – knowledgeable on short sales and at least 5 years of experience. Please email me at: [email protected]
Frederick, MD l Susan Matson  Looking for a great first time home buyer realtor for my daughter and soon to be son in law in Frederick, MD.
Silver Spring, MD l Terry Ann Tomlinson  Silver Spring,MD. (Leisure World) need a buyers agent for condo to be purchased ASAP.
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX l Kim Stover Schumacher-Realtor  I’m a Realtor Looking for: Retail Shopping Centers in the DFW area for my clients. High traffic visibility areas please!
SC l Deb Warburton Battista  need to refer to an agent in South Carolina for rental then purchase after credit repair
LA Puente, CA l Rani Jones Calderon  Need a Realtor in La Puente, California (West Covina) who is familiar with rentals and sales in the La Puente area. Agent must be a short sale specialist or be willing to work with me for the negotiation of a short sale listing. contact me through fb or email [email protected]
Cortez, CO l Jill Sreniawski Trinh  looking for a selling agent in the Cortez, CO area. Buyer would like to take advantage of the $6500 tax credit. So, we must find an agent ASAP. Please email me at [email protected]
Roatan, Honurasl Ronald Sweeney  Looking for a buyers agent in Roatan, Honduras. Friend wants a vacation home there
Brooklyn, NY l Reginald Pearson Jr Abr I Reginald Pearson, Need to refer a listing to a Realtor in Bklyn, NY 11236 Zip. Email me @ [email protected]
Elizabethtown, NC l Lourdes Alvarado  I’m looking for a selling agent in Elizabethtown,NC area.If speak Spanish will be helpful but not necessary. To help with the purchase of a commercial building.Please email me at [email protected]
Beaumont, TX l Elisa Williams Jirone  I’m looking for a selling agent in Beaumont, TX. Email me at [email protected] for more info.
Simpsonville, SC l Cathi Lownie Macheda  need to make a referral to an agent in Simpsonville South Carolina – thanks!
Sarasota County/Lee County, FL l Cheryl Black Price  I need a realtor in Sarasota County and Lee County FL. Need u to be co listing agent on our REO properties
Coral Springs/Sunrise, FL l Nicole MacDonald VanTreese  Looking for Buyers’ Agents to interview! This is to assist the brother of a dear friend of mine in the Coral Springs,Plantation,Sunrise FLORIDA area. He is looking for an investment Condo between 80k and 150k. Please email me at [email protected]
Houston, TX l A. Carson Gallagher  I have a client moving to Houston this summer. They would like to be in the Heights in area 9 or Eastwood in area 4. No new construction. Let me know if you can help.
Chicago, IL l Anika Brewster  Hello Again!! I am looking for rentals for 2 clients. Client 1 is looking in the south and southeast area of Chicago for a 2BR, 1-2 BA unit $800 max, Client 2 is looking in the southwest area of Chicago for a SF 4 BR, 2 BA $1100 max. If anyone has any listings please contact me- [email protected] Thanks
Minneapolis, MN l Amanda Fields Spooneybarger  Looking for an agent in the Minneapolis area. Must be honest and have a good personality, and be willing to deal with me being heavily involved as this is for my sister 🙂 Email me at [email protected]
San Antonio, TX l Jeanette Jag  I have a clients that have traveled to San Antonio TX and are looking for a home.. They are currently staying in a hotel and need immediate assistance. Please send me a message with your information if you are interested in assisting.
Mentone, AL l Eric Gelman  I have clients in Marin, County, CA that are looking to sell 13 undeveloped acres in Mentone, Alabama. Thank you.
Viroqua, WI l Thomas G. Trujillo  I have a buyer moving near Viroqua, WI wants acreage. Please contact me [email protected] or 720-472-0795 ASAP. Thank you.
Knoxville, TN l Sue Burnett McKnight has client looking for a rental in Knoxville,TN North Area $600/mo max.
Las Vegas, NV l Ken Gines  I have a buyer vacillating between Hawaii and Vegas. Would like to find a great agent in Vegas Century 21, CRS ABR. Couple has an elderly mom so need a comfortable, roomy car. No small imports. Mahalo, KennyG Oahu, HI CRS ABR ePRO GRI
Tampa, FL l Jeff Dicks  Hey folks have a great friend of mine looking to buy a condo in the Tampa Area. They like the Towers of Channel Side. E-mail me [email protected]
Brooklyn/Queens, NY l Kandye Morgan  I’m looking for an outstanding agent that works Brooklyn and Queens. Inbox me please. Thanks.
Tampa/Brandon, FL l Adam B. Wolfe  Tampa, FL or Riverview/Brandon, FL area. Looking for a buyer’s agent to help some first time homebuyers purchase a home. Clients are looking for a minimum 2br/2ba home. Will be looking to purchase a home immediately. Call or email me your information at abwolfe@f… and (304) 921-4663 Adam B. Wolfe.
South Bend/Coweta, OK l Judy Carman  I have a client looking for a home in this area, would like min 3 acres, home at least 2000 sq ft, doesn’t mind doing improvements or updates on the home, looking to stay around $200,000. If you know of anything about to come on the market, please let me know. …Please send me a message with info…[email protected]…Thanks so much!
Brooklyn, NY l Frances Munoz-Toro  I’m looking for an outstanding agent that works Brooklyn and will follow up with the referral. Inbox me please. Thanks.
Sunderland, MD l Bob Darr  I’m looking for an outstanding agent that works Sunderland, MD that can get the job done. Inbox me please. [email protected] Thanks
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX l Rebecca Thompson  Looking for Realtors who do BPOs in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.
Adirondacks, NY l Amy Wood Gonzalez  Piseco Lake in the Southern Adirondacks, Hamilton County, NY. Looking for an experienced listing agent for a lakefront property. Email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Amy Wood Gonzalez, Warren Real Estate
Waynesborro/Wayne County, TN l Leigh Ann Mehr  I need a buyers agent in Waynesborro/Wayne Co. TN!!! email me at [email protected]!!
Tampa, FL l Dana Sheill Ball  I have a relocation client who is looking for a home to lease in Westchase or Waterchase (Tampa) Florida. Up to $3250 a month, 2800+ sq feet, has a medium size dog, prefer pool or community pool, executive style home. Anyone???
Cleveland, OH l Brian Marcus  Cleveland Area -I am looking for a buyers agent in the Cleveland area who is willing to assist former clients of mine looking specifically in the following areas: Westlake/Avon or Avon lake, Aurora,Solon,Brecksville,Hudson, and North Royalton. If this fits you- send info and I will follow up. Send experience as well.
Murphy, NC l Melissa Breen Azzarelli  Looking for Agent interested in listing property in Murphy, NC. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
Granbury, TX l Barbara Bonner  Looking for agent to assist my friend/employee relocating to Granbury Texas with 3 bedroom rental home. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
Aspen, CO l Sophia Paul  I need an excellent agent in Aspen/Colorado asap for a referral for a large piece of land (appr 20ac)
Panama City Beach, FL l Erica Hope Kassner  I need an HONEST, High-minded Realtor in Panama City Beach, Florida. I have a very good friend that wants to buy and has had an awful experience with another Realtor (not in the same state). Please call me so we can talk. -Erica Kassner, KW 256-503-5707
Indianapolis, IN l Denni Kay Scates  Indianapolis, IN (Specifically Fischer area) My client is a DFW resident with rental property in Indy–email [email protected] if you are VERY knowledgeable about that area of the city.
Volusia County, FL l Matt Holmes  Anyone in Volusia County Florida? I have a client with property there and we need it sold! Send me PM
Orlando, FL l Cindy Quinn  Hi all! I need a realtor and rental agent in the Orlando area! My niece is interning at the Orlando Hospital and needs a place right away! Call me 941-780-8000
Cleveland, TN l Khrystyna Chorna  I need an agent in Cleveland, TN, have a client that’s looking for a 2b house. Please contact me asap
San Jose, CA l Teresa Workman  I need an agent in San Jose Area to refer a client to. I have a few contacts, but am interviewing potential agents. Thanks
Killen, AL l Todd Hess  Shoals Area agent needed to co-list a commercial property in Killen, AL | Contact me at 256-541-2964 or [email protected]
West Hartford/South Windsor, CT l Teresa Tebbe Smith  Wethersfield, West Hartford, Rocky Hill and South Windsor CT are all options. My client is moving at the end of May and will be interested in leasing a condo or town home. This will most likely turn into a home purchase the following year. 🙂 Pl…ease call me at 602-430-8439 if you don’t mind handling rentals and you know the listed areas well.
Tulsa, OK l Fiesta Flores  I have a customer that want to buy in Tulsa OK, it’s already qualify, if you’ll like a referral, let me know……….
Indianapolis, IN l Erica Hope Kassner  Hello again! I need a buyer’s agent for Indianapolis, IN. Please email me if you are interested in working with buyer clients. I have specific questions I need to ask about the current market. Thanks! Erica Hope Kassner, Keller Williams. [email protected]
Georgetown, D.C. l Lollie Real  Looking for a realtor in Georgetown or vicinity for a vacation rental, please call or email to [email protected]
Chicago, IL l Bob M. Palumbo Jr.  I have an eager Home Buyer who recently relocated from Ohio looking to purchase near UIC-Chicago and I am in need of agent as I will be mortgage consultant on the loan. Please message me, if Chicago is your neighborhood. Thank you -Robert
Frisco, TX l Fred Repman l Good Morning, looking for a great listing agent in Frisco, Texas. Email response to [email protected] Thanks!
Deep Creek, MD l Barbara Gatewood Sgueglia  Looking for a rental in Deep Creek, MD that will sleep 10 the week of 7/19. Barbara Sgueglia 7575812722
Hinesville, GA l Yahia Zabdie  I need a realtor in Hinesville, Georgia for a listing that I have.
Los Angeles, CA l Sherri Simms  West Los Angeles and surrounding areas l Sherri Simms l Looking for experienced Realtor to work with Buyer clients l spacious single family home, 3+ bedrooms, 2+ baths l Must have experience in Short Sales l [email protected] Thank you!
Grantham/Mt. Olive, NC l Ken Nowell  I need an agent to refer a listing in Grantham, toward Mt. Olive, North Carolina.

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