November 2009

We love Referrals

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The Official Real Estate Referral Group

We had 62 Real Estate Referrals this month.  Not too bad considering the wall was offline for two weeks.

November Referrals Lewiston, Idaho | Julie Millam I need to find a great Realtor in the Lewistown, Idaho for a potential listing. I need someone with a lot of

Maine | Donna Castellone If your a Licensed Realtor in Maine please contact me. I have a listing referral. Call 401-639-9188 or email [email protected]. Donna CastelloneRE/MAX Premier
Bullhead, AZ | Shawn Trock Looking for a realtor that can help a pre-approved buyer in the Bullhead City, AZ area. Contact me direct at 865-684-4673 or [email protected]
Reno, NV | Jennifer L. Brunson I need a motivated full time agent in the Reno NV area to work with a buyer relocating. Email inquiries to [email protected].
Florida Keys | Ian O’Shea Need to find a Buyer’s Agent in the Florida Keys to refer client to that is there now 11-3-09. [email protected]
Hunt County/Loan Oak, TX | Beka Wood-Weaver Looking for an agent who has served the area for many years to list a property/lot in The Village at Lone Oak. Please contact me asap.
Kissimmee, FL | Danny V’Andrade I have an Investor Looking to buy a SF 3+ beds 2+ baths in a community, gated preferred, $175K to $225K. We’ll be in the area the week of November 25. No financing contingencies, Cash Buyer.
Nashua, NH | Tito Berrios Hello Everyone. I have someone that is looking for a Commercial Space in Nashua, NH. Lease or rent. 1000-1,500 sq/ft. Call me for the referral. 978-551-7059 or email me at [email protected]
Ashville, NC | Caryn Schmidt I am looking for an agent for Ashville, NC for a cash buyer. She will be out next weekend November 14-17th. Price range around 300k. Would prefer female agent.
Deltona, FL | Jeff McClintock Hello all. I need an agent in Deltona to help out with a listing. It’s a short sale, so experience is required.
Banner Elk or Rolling Rock condos in North Carolina | Yvette G. Valdes Hello,I need an agent that can service a family member looking to purchase a 2nd home either in Banner Elk or Rolling Rock condos in North Carolina. Email me directly to: [email protected]
Fayetteville, NC | Todd Hess I need an agent in the Fayetteville, NC area. I have a good friend of mine interested in condos in the area. Please contact me at 256-541-2964 or by email at [email protected]
Beaufort, SC | Devon Broughton Hi SC agents! I’m looking for an experienced agent to refer a listing to in the Beaufort area. Older home–probably less than $100k. Please contact me either on facebook or at [email protected]. Thanks!
Myrtle Beach | Larry Jensen Need a Buyers Agent in Myrtle Beach area.
Marietta, GA | Alli Sweat I am a realtor in Athens, GA and need a realtor in Marietta, GA to co-list a condo with me. You can contact me at [email protected] if interested
New Castle, Delaware | Gabrielle Blanchard Carneglia I am looking for an agent in Delaware for the New Castle County areas above. Please contact me directly at [email protected]. Thank you
Pittsburgh, PA | Lynn C Amorino Looking for buyer’s agent in the North Pittsburgh area. Please contact me via email [email protected]
Morrisville, NC | Susan Christy I have a client whose son accepted an internship in Cary or Morrisville, NC. He needs a studio or 1 bedroom, furnished or not, from Dec 1 through June 1. Can anyone help me with this?
Pocono PA l Denise Allen I am looking for a Buyers’ agent. Buyers want to live in the Pocono PA area. Contact me via email at [email protected]
Fremont, CA | Trina Oyloe I am looking for a Realtor in the Fremont, CA area. This is a short sale for a $600K+ home. Need a strong Realtor who is experienced in short sales AND has a good network of cash investors. Send me an email with your information – [email protected]. Thanks!
Farmington Hills | Deb Dean Looking for a Rental 1 bedroom , fenced yard close to the New Henry Ford Hospital in Farmington Hills, preferably in Royal Oak, Ferndale, Novi. Would like a fenced yard for her dog and something safe and affordable since the student loans are so high! Can you help ? 616-262-8333
Lancaster, Buffalo | Rocco DiFabio Experienced Listing Agent needed in Lancaster, Buffalo area. Please contact me via in-box for details.
Harbor East, Towson (near Town Center) or Columbia, Maryland | Amy B. Wyatt I have a buyer looking for residential, single family, townhouse or condo in these areas> Can you help ? [email protected]
Ventura/ Santa Barbara | Henry Garza Looking for a seasoned realtor in the Ventura, Santa Barbara area. Buyer is qualified. Contact me at 661-377-1870
Knoxville, TN | Sheila StupkaI I need a realtor in the Knoxville, Tennessee area to help my cousin. He needs a lease/purchase. Can anyone help him. Not interested in any referral fees.
Albuquerque, NM | Linda Jo Poindexter I need a referral for a client in Albuguerque, New Mexico. In the East Mountain part of the city. Please contact: Linda Jo Poindexter Associate Broker Five Star Realty [email protected]
Greensboro, SC | Jerry Hunn I have a seller here in Colorado Springs that is moving to Greensboro SC and she would like to meet with and agent in that city in December. She is looking for a SFR 3/2/2 main level living or at least a Main level Master bedroom. Please contact me either on FB or my email at [email protected]
Rolling Oaks, NC | Yvette G. Valdes I need an agent to work with a family member of mine who is looking into purchasing a 2nd home in Rolling Oaks in North Carolina. Email me directly if you can help.
Knoxville, TN | Stephen Smith I am needing an agent to list a short sale property for me. I do not need the negotiation done just the listing. Email me at [email protected].
Owings/Calvert County, MD | Nick Kellar Looking for an agent to list a property in Owings, Calvert County, MD. NOT Owings Mills. Please shoot me an email at [email protected] for more information.
Cordillera, TX | Sheryl Hannah Adams Looking for an agent who knows Cordillera Ranch in Bourne, Texas to do a CMA. Call Sheryl Adams at 281-703-6303 or email at [email protected].
Stone Mountain, GA | Tracy Martins I need an agent in the Stone Mountain, GA area for a buyer relocating to that area. Please contact Tracy Martins @ 609-575-6966 or e-mail, [email protected].
Yuba City, CA | Susan Decker I have a listing referral. Contact Susie Decker at [email protected]
Port St. Lucie, FL. | Grace Borrani I need an agent interested in taking a referral client from me in the Port St Lucie area. Please contact me Thanks! [email protected]
Fort Myers, FL | Rick Shadid I am looking for an agent familiar with the REO market who can help a client of mine in the Fort Myers, Naples Florida area, please contact me via email: [email protected]
Sherman County, Texas | Kelly Colley I have a serious buyer moving to the are in the next month or so. Need a Buyers Agent ASAP!! [email protected] or 334-315-2705.
Phoenix, Arizona | Stephen May I need a commercial agent to locate rental property near the ASU campus. 704-831-5931
Lancaster, PA | Pat Knouse Looking for a listing agent for a referral in Lancaster PA for a mobile home [email protected]
Sun City, AZ.| Shelly Drake Looking for a listing agent for a referral in Sun City, AZ Paradise RV Resort. Experienced needed in that area [email protected]
Marion, Ilinois | Kristina Zack Looking for a realtor in Marion, Ilinois to assist a prospect in listing of a property and purchase. Please e-mail me at [email protected]
Studio City, California | Audrey Camarata Masson Referring a buyer, Studio City, LA, Hollywood California area. They prefer a female agent that is good with first time home buyers and has 20+ years experience. The agent can contact me at [email protected].
Parkland, Florida | Craig Baranowski @ I have a short sale listing in Parkland Florida. Bank of America. Need an experienced realtor in short sales. Willing to mentor realtor on transaction if needed. Please email me @ [email protected] or call at 850-259-1788. Thanks
Peachtree Area Atlanta, GA | Craig Baranowski @ I have a short sale listing in Peachtree Georgia. Need an experienced realtor in short sales. Willing to mentor realtor on transaction if needed. Please email me @ [email protected] or call at 850-259-1788. Thanks
Cat Island Bahamas | Craig Baranowski I have a seller that needs to sell his residential lot ASAP. Please email me @[email protected] or call at 850-259-1788. Thanks
Peachtree, FL | Craig Baranowski I have a short sale listing in Peachtree Florida. Need an experienced realtor in short sales. Please email me @[email protected] or call at 850-259-1788. Thanks
Las Vegas, NV | Nicholle Hernandez Need an aggressive, full-time Realtor who is available the next two weekends to look at properties and write offers. Have a client who is more than qualified and ready to buy!
Castro: San Francisco | Robin McCoy I need a referral for an agent in San Francisco willing to work with a lease on a house near The Castro. Contact me at [email protected]. Thanks.
Longview, TX | Darwin George I have a customer looking for a home on a lake around Longview, Texas. Lake of the Pines or others would be fine. Thank you!
Florence, Kentucky | Suzan Von Hor I am looking for a short sale specialist in Florence Kentucky. call me or email. [email protected] 301 904 0309
Rincon/Savannah, GA | Barry Wolfert I need an agent in the Rincon/Savannah, GA area for a listing. Please contact me directly at [email protected] with your phone and website. Thanks!
NW Arkansas | Paul Tippets Looking for an agent who can help a Buyer with acreage in N.W. Arkansas. Email me directly [email protected]
Brookings, Oregon | Tamara Moses Stoebe I need to refer my daughter to an agent who can help her find the right property for her and her growing family Please contact me at [email protected]
Naples, FL | Carol March I am looking for a leasing agent for l for a waterfront condo in Naples, FL. Value is near 1 Million. Rental must be for at least 3 mo.
Rome, GA | Jean Hudson Thrasher Looking for an agent in Rome, GA that will take care of my friend’s house. Need someone who can market their property not in print but on the internet.
California – West Los Angeles/Santa Monica | Bob Mehlick Need buyer agent for my daughter. Email me at [email protected]
Venice, FL | Patrick Murphy Looking for an agent to help find a monthly pet friendly rental Venice Florida Please contact me at [email protected]
Tempe, AZ | Dana Kamla Post I need someone to take care of my precious, smart daughter in Tempe, AZ who’s planning on buying a condo before the April 30 deadline. You MUST call me for a phone interview 360-990-0998
Arleta,California | James Brinkmann I am looking for an experienced buyers agent in the Arleta, California area. Send me a message you work in that area. [email protected]
Cleveland, OH | Chauncelynn H. Locklear I’m looking for a listing agent in Cleveland, OH. I have a listing opportunity for you!! Please inbox me!
Delaware | Tiffany Domneys I have a client who is moving to Delaware….Need a good agent for a referral…Help!!!
Bethleham, PA | Paul Maxwell I am looking for someone to list a home in Bethlehem, PA. Prefer someone with experience working with investors, renovations, distressed properties, etc. Home is livable however needs about $20K in renovation so we are debating between selling as-is, doing renovations or lease with option to purchase. Would like to meet with them tomorrow, Dec 1.
Miami, FL | Khrystyna Chorna Hi, I have a lead for an agent who has experience in foreclosure condos in Miami, Florida, preferably Prudential. Please email me your contact info [email protected]