What if the World Revolved around You?

It does when you use  a WordPress Site.

Take a look at this diagram from “The Internet Marketing Bootcamp” and I’ll explain in more detail below.

Whether its creating content or capturing leads, it all happens on your site.  That’s why WordPress is the first pillar of Internet Marketing.

Pillar #1 of Internet Marketing – Your WordPress Site

Once upon a time you had to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have a website built.  Today, with a little help you can build your own sites using WordPress.

Why WordPress?

  • So easy to learn even an adult can use it 😉
  • Flexible enough to give you a custom look on a budget.
  • Powerful enough to help you show up in search.

Your main objective when marketing online should be to get people back to your website.  It’s your websites job to convert visitors into leads.

Some things that your WordPress site should do :

  1. Tell visitors what you can do for them.
  2. Give visitors access to more information.
  3. Give visitors ways to contact you.
  4. Offer more information in exchange for an optin.

Build You Own WordPress Site

How would you like to learn how to build your site and your first landing page?  Then you should check out the sneak preview of “The Internet Marketing Bootcamp.”

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