10 tips to create killer content every day.


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 52

Having a hard time figuring out topics for your blog?

Is writing not really your thing?

Well, maybe you don’t need to write – there are other ways to create content and today you’ll learn some new things that’ll help you be more creative when you’re creating content.

This episode was inspired in part by discussions in Jimmy Mackin’s Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents.

10 Tips to Creating Content

  1. Carry a Notebook
  2. Use Google Reader & Alerts
  3. Use a Blog Calendar
  4. Check Local Events Calendars
  5. Use Photos
  6. Use Video
  7. Local / National News
  8. Write Reviews
  9. Create a Series
  10. Get guest posts

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Create Killer Content Chat

Did you miss out on the live chat?  No worries, I’ve attached a copy of the chat – So it’s almost like being there live 😉  Enjoy.

<———-Begin Chat ———->

*** (18:13:28):Welcome to the RealTechGuy Chat Room.
RealTechGuy says (18:13:46):
I love my notebook – but I love evernote even more 😉
Robert Schwabe says to (18:14:05):
I need to use evernote more often
RealTechGuy says (18:14:08):
Oh – check out the blogging calendar here >> http://jonathanrivera.posterous.com/want-a-really-easy-way-to-blog-check-out-what
RealTechGuy says (18:14:41):
I need to rearange these 😉
Robert Schwabe says to (18:15:27):
P would like to figure how to get my posterous on my WP sitye
LyndaWhite says to (18:16:08):
i had a dream about evernote the other night..which means two things: 1) I work too much, and 2) my subconscious is telling me to get with the program and check out Evernote
RealTechGuy says (18:16:08):
That’s really simple Rob
RealTechGuy says (18:16:16):
Just adjust your share settings
RealTechGuy says (18:16:30):
Also – check out how photos got me on the front page of google in a day >> http://real-techguy.com/2010/01/01/how-to-use-new-media-for-realtors-front-page-googl/
RealTechGuy says (18:16:44):
Evernote is my second brain
Robert Schwabe says to (18:16:59):
I wonder how I can make it a subdomain to my WP site that looks like it belongs to my WP site
LyndaWhite says to (18:17:29):
I went to a Chamber event and got about 25 flyers of events happening from now thru summer! 🙂
RealTechGuy says (18:17:38):
Thats too much BS rob – just style it to match your site
RealTechGuy says (18:17:50):
You got content for days Lynda 😉
RealTechGuy says (18:20:50):
The Influence Method 😉
RealTechGuy says (18:21:53):
1. Notebook
RealTechGuy says (18:22:01):
2. Google Tools
RealTechGuy says (18:22:10):
3. Blogging Calendar
RealTechGuy says (18:22:17):
4. Claendar of events
RealTechGuy says (18:22:23):
5. Photo Posts
RealTechGuy says (18:22:30):
6. Video Posts
RealTechGuy says (18:22:40):
7. News and commentary
RealTechGuy says (18:22:50):
8. Reviews
RealTechGuy says (18:22:56):
9. Series
RealTechGuy says (18:23:10):
10. Guest Posts
RealTechGuy says (18:24:13):
10 Tips to create killer content every day
BenBalsbaugh says to (18:24:24):
Thank you sir
RealTechGuy says (18:24:51):
It’s my pleasure – thank you for the tweet and tuning in 😉
LyndaWhite says to (18:24:59):
Haven’t done yet: video posts and guest posts. Thanks!
RealTechGuy says (18:25:12):
Awesome Lynda – let me know when you do – 😉
LyndaWhite says to (18:25:18):
You gave me some great ideas.
RealTechGuy says (18:25:31):
Glad to inspire you Lynda 😉
Robert Schwabe says to (18:25:44):
Lynda he always does.
LyndaWhite says to (18:25:57):
RealTechGuy says (18:26:04):
Thanks for spendiung some time with me this morning – you guys rock!
Robert Schwabe says to (18:26:09):
That’s why we listen.

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