The Three C’s of Content Marketing


Real-TechGuy | Internet Marketing Radio #73

Ever wonder how to be found on Google?

In this week’s show you’ll learn the three C’s of content marketing that’ll help you get found, build your brand, and get more leads using internet marketing.

You’ll also find out how you can get in on some exclusive training sessions that’ll show you – step by step – how to use this stuff to market your business online.

Content Marketing Video

This presentation was first hatched for the Real Estate BarCamp Orlando.

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s the next best thing.

My friend Agi Anderson brought her flip cam and recorded it – this playlist is made up of 10 video clips 3 minutes or shorter (there are also some bonus clips afterwards.)

  • Hey Jonathan, thanks for the opportunity to play the game. I am looking forward to Bob Burg’s new book. You gotta tweet it to be in it, right? Well, that was the easy part. What I’ve realized about marketing after 6 years of trial and error is that there are two tracks in the real estate business: Ask for business (all of the interruption marketing that still works in some cases) and the attraction marketing i.e. content and answers to the most common questions buyers and seller ask. The reality is that even if I blog about it, there’s a whole different science in getting it to RANK for what people search for and even more difficult to capture these leads. You and Darin are so right in money being the score card! The reality is 90% of our industry, myself included, suffer from follow-up failure. Even if we/they/agents generate these leads, I can guarantee you the agents are not, building rapport, calling them, emailing them, previewing properties, sending mail, following up with them with face to face meetings.  

  • You nailed it Angie.

    In the last two months I’ve really focused on my RE business and quickly figured out that Follow Up was missing in most people’s sales process.  

    I’ve found that the real money is made in the follow up.
    I’m reworking everything based on that idea.