What they don’t want you to know about Facebook.

Dear Friend,
Looks like they’re up to the same ol’ tricks

Maybe you’ve seen the emails coming through,

They’re talking about using the Facebook
timeline to get more business,

They’re doing webinars to teach you
how to cash in on this (fools) Gold Rush

They’re even telling you this is the silver
bullet you’ve been waiting for

What they don’t want you to know
is that they’ve never gotten any
Real Estate business from Facebook

Because they’re too busy selling info products

(which is slightly different from
selling houses)

But there is one guy that’s used Facebook
to generate 4,052 real estate referrals
over the last three years

You’re talking to him right now,

That’s right, since October 2008 I’ve
used Facebook to generate over
4,000 Real Estate leads

And I still say it’s a huge waste of time
if you don’t know the basics of creating
a sales funnel

You know, that simple stuff like how to turn
cold website visitors into hot prospects that are
ready to jump in the car with you and go
house shopping

That’s why I’m telling you to skip all those
Facebook webinars this week

Instead get a real education on how to
generate leads online without Facebook

I’ll help you,

Check out the “Internet Marketing Bootcamp”

But remember,

If you’re too cheap to make a substantial
investment in your business

Or if you’re looking for the next push
button solution,

This ain’t it

This is for serious marketers who want
to work directly with me for the next
6 weeks


PS – Even though it’s a pay pal
checkout you can still use a credit card

When you get to the shopping cart
look to the right and click on
“Don’t have a pay pal account”

To pay with your card

PPS – There are only 29 spots left
for this Bootcamp


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