Forget those Facebook webinars (do this instead)

You could spend 3 hours on webinars today,

And if you’ve got all the time in the world
then this is a good thing


If you don’t seem to have enough hours as it is

Maybe there’s a better way to spend your time?

I’ve been attending webinars,
conferences and seminars for the last
ten years

And after hundreds of hours and
thousands of dollars spent

Here’s what I can share with you,

Even if every single minute was packed
with ‘game changing’ information

At the end of the day (if you’re lucky)
you’ll remember 10 “great things”

And if you’re really good maybe you’ll
even take action on 1 of them

So, instead of spending 3 hours to
learn 1 new strategy that you might use

Why not take 30 minutes to learn
the one simple skill that will feed
your business for years to come?

Originally I recorded this for students
of the “Internet Marketing Bootcamp”

But with all the hype going on this week
I figured it was important to get this
into your hands

You can download the 26 minute audio here:


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