Looks like I hurt someone’s feelings (again)

An irate GuRu emailed me yesterday,

He said he received tons of emails from
people saying I was slamming him,

(of course he used some nasty words
that you or I would never say)

But for some reason he though my last
three emails were talking about him,

If you don’t remember, the emails were:

“Why I don’t do consulting”

Where I told you about my group
coaching program coming up next month

“What they don’t want you to know about Facebook”

Where I told you the Facebook timeline
wasn’t a big deal to people who are
working in Real Estate

(and not info product sales)


“Forget those webinars and do this instead”

Where I gave you an alternative to spending
3 hours on webinars so you could actually
get to work

While none of these emails were
directly about my iRate GuRu friend,

They were just the things that I
wanted to share with you,

Because one thing that annoys the sh*t
out of me is not having a choice,

That’s why I email you everyday,

So you can choose which emails
catch your attention,

So you can decide if my products
are right for you,

So you have someone in your corner
that doesn’t necessarily subscribe
to the GuRu BS

So if you’re tired of the hype
that comes your way all the time

And your ready to make a permanent
improvement in your marketing

I invite you to skip all the BS

And join me and 30 other smart
marketers at next months
“Internet Marketing Bootcamp”

It ain’t cheap

And it definitely ain’t for everyone

But if you’re a serious business person
who wants an ROI on your time
spent online

I will give it to you in the 6 week

Or your money back


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