Weird point of entry

Not too long ago I was reviewing a
website for a customer,

She told me her “web guy” was good
at doing the “pay per clicks stuff”

And he told her not to worry about design,
He’d take care of that and the traffic

So when I asked her,

“Where is he sending the PPC traffic?”

She said, “To the home page of course”
without a breath to spare

And the problem became crystal clear to me,

When you run an ad,

You have a limited space and
you have to make a specific offer
to get people to click

So when they enter your site
through your home page,

It looks weird to them,
They get confused
They Leave

That’s why you should always send ‘ad traffic’
to specific landing pages within your site,

Then you’re 10 times more likely to get that lead

But I know that sometimes it’s hard to
figure out the right way to ask people
to ‘opt in’ for your offers

(and join your Databank)

So I devoted the entire 4th module
of the “Internet Marketing Bootcamp”

To showing you exactly how to turn
anonymous website visitors into
hot new leads


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