My Schizophrenic Life

Sometimes it’s hard to keep my stories straight

Living two lives isn’t easy,

You gotta remember which people
belong to which personality

The folks I talk to on a regular basis
know me as JR –

The guy that hooked them up with
a sweet deal on an apartment

Never answers his phone

And always gets stuff fixed within
24 hours,

But you don’t know that side of me
and unless you won’t unless you’re looking
for an apartment in Titusville –

Then there’s my other personality,

Writing you almost everyday with a new story
Delivering tips and trick in every post

Giving you proven strategies to
improve your business

Where do you think that stuff comes from?

It’s what I’ve learned over the past
decade in my own real estate business

It’s the things I’m using right now
to fill my apartments

It’s the things that most other
people don’t know because they’re
not running a business like you and me

And today a select few of you
will be learning how to build a
foundation for success online,

When you join the “Internet Marketing Bootcamp”

But it’s not for everyone,

Like if you’re looking for a “silver bullet”
Jus’ plain Lazy
or Not willing to do what I say

Then don’t bother,
It’s not for you

But if you are tired of all the noise online
and ready to learn simple proven strategies
that’ll improve your business

Now and for years to come

You can find out more here:


PS – At the time I’m writing this to you
we there are only 4 spots left,

If you miss it we won’t have another one
until some time in August.

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