How to Use New Media for REALTORs: Day 4 Community

This is the fourth installment of the eight part series, “How to Use New Media for REALTORs” inspired by Chris Brogan’s post, “If I Were a REALTOR.”

In Chris’ post he says, “I’d empower as many local businesses on the net as I could, and help them be successful.”  If I could sum this up in one word it would be “community.”  As a REALTOR you should have plenty of contacts with local vendors and community leaders.  The more of these folks that you inspire to get on New Media the better it is for all of you.

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again, “New Media is a Team Sport.”  One lone agent can’t do it all.

If you’re leading the way in your community, people will look to you for advice, answers, and guidance.  It’s a great responsibility, but if you can show your community how this will benefit them (with more business) then you’ll be able to leverage each others networks to create more awareness.

Some ideas for building your New Media Community

  • Write a column on for your local chamber
  • Host New Media presentations at your office (for both REALTORs and businesses)
  • Add some links to good articles into your newsletter
  • Share GOOD info on using New Media for Business on your profiles

I could go into great detail on how to make each of these things work, but the point of this post is to get you to think about being a leader.  By getting businesses to work together you increase your reach into the community.