How to Use New Media for REALTORs: Day 8 Putting Everything Together

It looks like we’ve made it to the final day of the “How to Use New Media for REALTORs” series.  Thanks for following along.

The first 7 days we talked about:

  1. Blogging
  2. Using Photos
  3. Using Video
  4. Building Communities
  5. Hosting Meetups
  6. Using Twitter Lists
  7. The Secret

Today I want to wrap the series up with some thoughts to get you going.  First I’ll share some things I think you should do to use New Media effectively and then I’ll follow with some things you shouldn’t do.

Things to Do

  • Remember to be yourself online, people will always sniff out a fake.
  • Budget time for New Media everyday
  • Use the tools that work for you
  • Write it into your marketing plan

Things NOT to Do

  • Don’t try to use EVERY single network
  • Work without a marketing plan
  • Join a network without a purpose
  • Try to do it all by yourself

New media is a team sport, so building a community online is vital to your success.  Make sure you take some time to plan out how you’re going to use it in your business and what results you expect to get.

For some final thoughts on putting it all together watch this video