How to Use New Media for REALTORs: Day 6 Twitter Lists

It’s day six of the “How to Use New Media for REALTORs” series, and today I want to talk to you about Twitter Lists. This series was inspired by Chris Brogan’s “If I Were a Realtor.” In Chris’ post he says,

“I’d encourage as many members in my community to join Twitter as possible, and then I’d bundle them into a list.”

If you’re not familiar with Twitter lists, it’s a way to segment your the people you are following into a more manageable stream of information.  Segmenting lists is nothing new, third party twitter apps have been offering this feature forever.  The main benefit to using twitter lists is that you can make them public, so they’re easy to share.

Here are a few segmenting ideas you could use:

  • Office / CoWorkers
  • Prospects
  • Local News
  • Local Events
  • Local Businesses

Of course if you wanted to make the list public I would recommend replacing the word “local” with the name of the city that you work in.  If you get enough of your local businesses on twitter, it could be your new neighborhood rolodex.

Watch this video to learn how to create Twitter Lists

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  • Hi Jonathan.
    Great ideas on how REALTORS® can use Twitter lists to help grow their business! As someone who provides social media management for builders/new home developments, I would add – follow area condo, loft, townhome and new home developments that meet your neighborhood or property specialty. I often ask for area REALTOR® feedback, feature upcoming Broker Tours and Special Events, Retweet real estate related content and add local REALTORS® to the community twitter list under the category /realestate, allowing prospects and future re-sellers easy access to professionals that keep up to date on their community. Example (@altairepaloalto/svrealestate) Keep the super content coming! : )

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