Can you Really sell a house using Social Media?

I don’t blame you for wondering whether or not you can really sell a house using Social Media.

If you were to rewind the clock 100 years I bet people back then were thinking, can you really sell a house using a Newspaper?  The answer to both questions is yes, but today one is more effective than the other.

Case Study: Using Social Media to Sell a house

It’s easy to dismiss the power of New Media marketing in the Real Estate business, mostly because it’s so new.  We don’t have enough social proof that it really works.  That’s the reason I’m writing this post today, I found a case study that’ll knock your socks off.

My friend Tim Moore wrote about how he used Social Media to sell his house in just 50 hours.  I ran across his post this weekend and was amazed with his results.  I highly recommend you read his Case Study: How I Sold My Home in 50 hours.

Takeaways from the Case Study

Tim’s success was largely due to the fact that he already had a well developed network.  He also did all the work to make it easy for people to get and share information about his house.

I don’t want you to run out and start streaming your listings down your social profiles, instead I want you to think about HOW you can build up a highly responsive network without all the usual sales B.S.  Selling online is totally different than selling offline, you have to learn how to create buzz & generate interest.

If you’re just starting out you should focus on building a high quality network by sharing good useful info (that’s what Tim does.) Then and only then can you garner enough attention when the time is right.

The reason I shared this is to show you that it’s possible to use Social Media to sell houses.  This doesn’t happen over night though, you have to be committed to using the platforms to build real connections.  If you’re not sure how to do it, I recommend you get help.  Either get some training, or hire a consultant to shortcut the time it takes to build a powerful social network.

A Bonus for You

I’m pretty sure this all sounds interesting to you, buy you probably want some more.  Good news, I’ll be interviewing Mr. Tim Moore on Real-TechGuy Radio.  We’re going to dig in and get some REAL tips on how you can use social media to improve your Real Estate business.  You can listen to the interview by clicking the big blue button below.