Start Outsourcing, Stop Worrying!

You SUCK at cutting grass, so why are you doing it?

A little harsh?  Maybe, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why people keep on trying to do everything themselves?

Who’s worrying?

Last week I had and epiheny and I posted it to my Facebook Page.

…and as usual we had the few people who didn’t get it, here’s what they had to say and my replies.

It’s not about money it’s about balance?  Give me a break, if you have enough money to get things done while improving your lifestyle then you’ll have TRUE balance.

Balance to me is being able to make the choices that make you happiest.

Start Outsourcing.

That’s really nice…if you have the money?  Let’s break this down by the numbers.

  • Cutting Grass, Trimming Hedges, and cleaning up

6 hours (for me to do it)

  • Laundry

2 hours

  • Cleaning the house

4 hours

Total: 12 hours of my time

I’ve just added an extra day and a half to my week,  what would you do if you had an extra day of work or play?  Here’s what I did.

Stop Worrying

I used 5 hours for prospecting which led to 3 new prospects and an appointment with one of them (which could be a really good deal.)

I took the additional 7 hours and used them for a “Date Day” with my wife.  We went out to lunch, hung out, and just had fun.

What’s next?

I’m really entrenched in this outsourcing stuff right now so I’ll be writing more about it in the coming weeks.  If you want to learn more about outsourcing to free up your time and make more money, then subscribe to my feed so you don’t miss it.

  • I've been testing VAs and outsourcing for the last few months but found I still had to do a ton of hand holding. I'd love to hear your ideas for outsourcing and streamlining EVERYTHING marketing! Cheers,

  • We did a pretty detailed write up on ways Realtors should be using a Virtual Assistant. Goes directly in line with this post, one point is that you do need to actually know what to have them do and here were our top 8 things

  • Hey Chris, while I appreciate the comment…surely a Tech Savvy agent like you knows that comments are supposed to add value. The link kinda takes some of that away (just my thoughts on etiquette.) What do you think?

  • TechSavvyAgent

    Oh man. Jon, I also feel like posts are supposed to add value and your post definitely outlined a problem but completely failed to offer any real solutions to said problem, as cute of an anecdote as it was. The post I linked to is less philosophy and more x's and o's which is what agents really need! Had you done that I wouldn't have felt the need to

  • TechSavvyAgent

    I also feel like it is a total lack of etiquette to put your fans honest feedback on blast with screenshots and black ink, probably without their consent!

  • Had I included their names and photos I might be incline to agree with you.

    A lot of people (and agents) have these mental roadblocks. I'm sure there are tons of my group members who can relate to these very same thoughts.

    This blog not for them. This is part of a filtering process. I only want to connect with the people who think like me and want to know how to take it from thinking to action.

  • There's two things that really get my attention here:

    1. While this post may not add value (your opinion) to you, it may be just what someone needs to take the next step to making a change.

    2. Had you read the entire post you may have noticed this will be a part of a series. You can't approach life with blinders on Chris, there's a bigger picture here and if you've followed what I do you would realize there's something happening.

    I can 't help but think the idea of having someone cut your grass and clean your house IS a solution (but that's just me.)

    Rome wasn't built in a day.

  • I'd also like to add one more thing. Maybe it's just because it's text, but I feel like you may have gotten a little defensive here (hope that's not the case.)

    I asked your thoughts on etiquette and you responded by calling my post cute and useless.

  • TechSavvyAgent

    “Hey Chris, while I appreciate the comment…surely a Tech Savvy agent like you knows that comments are supposed to add value. The link kinda takes some of that away (just my thoughts on etiquette.)”
    -Wouldn't that require some sort of a defense? It's all good my man, you have an awesome network and you do bring value to your fans which is more than most can say. Keep up all the good work!

  • Here's the part your missing Chris.

    A defense, absolutely. An Insult, absolutely not.

    I invited you to share your thoughts on etiquette. What's your take on it? It was a genuine invitation to have a discussion, a discussion that would add value to everyone that reads the post.

    I like what your doing at Tech Savvy Agent on Facebook, so this is a chance to expand that. (make sense?)

  • Nancy Bain

    Surely, I have MUCH to learn about online etiquette. Jonathan, may I make a suggestion that you offer a webinar? I would be much obliged as I'm confident I'm breaking rules. (Maybe you have already, if so please tell me how I can find it) What I do know of online etiquette I have learned from you. In the meantime, I'm enjoying having my lawn taken care of by outsourcing. Today I hired a girl to post my blogs for me. I haven't learned how to take the extra time to “myself” yet, but I am far more productive and with less STRESS. Thank you Jonathan.

  • I wonder if there would be enough interest in a webinar about etiquette? That's a good idea Nancy, would you help me promote it and be a guest?

    I'm thrilled that you are doing the outsourcing thing and I am so happy to see you enjoying yourself while getting more done Nancy. You are one of my best “students.” <—hope you don't mind me calling you a student. We're all students throughout our lives 😉

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