Howard Stern Teaches us about Social Media

No this post is NOT about midget hookers stripping. Sorry if you’re disappointed 😉 Just the other day I was watching one of my all time favorite shows and I heard something that really resonated with me.

Watch this video to hear how Howard Stern feels about his audience… you know, the people that listen to him everyday?

Then ask yourself, do you feel this way about your audience on Social Media? (Your audience is all the people on your network that you’re blasting messages to and communicating with daily.)  If not maybe you should rethink your strategy.

What now?
If you don’t know the difference between friends and audience, check out some of the related posts and think about what Howard just said when you’re doing your Social Media Marketing.

  • Lolliereal

    I’m very glad to learn the impact of our social media and its huge potential it can create in my bussiness in SOCAL…

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