Building a Brand with Tech Savvy Agent’s Chris Smith


Interview with Chris Smith from Tech Savvy Agent

Chris Smith | Tech Savvy Agent

From Facebook Page concept to Inman Award winning Blog – this week I interview Chris Smith, the guy behind the Tech Savvy Agent and we drill down on how he built the Tribe.

In less than 2 years Chris has established one of the hottest brands in the Social Media for Real Estate space.  In this interview he shares:

  • How he started the Facebook Community
  • What steps he took to gain major momentum
  • Who helped him along the way
  • What you can do to build your community
  • The reason why realtors are afraid of technology is because it seems overwhelming to manage leads and learn technology at the same time. I had to slow down the prospecting to study the “tie between tech and real estate”. I am happy I did because I have learned the rules of engagement in social media which is a new skill set that I didn’t have before and I can say it started with tech savvy agent Chris Brogan, six pixels of separation gary vee, and many more. I will launch my blog in January and I hope and pray that it resonates with readers. @live_alpharetta

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