Internet Marketing Strategy | Chat with Tech Savvy Agent Chris Smith


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 30

One thing we don’t have a shortage of is Tools online.  While I’ll admit the tools we have today are GREAT – they really don’t matter unless you have a working internet marketing strategy to make the tools deliver- more leads, more sales, more brand awareness = more business.

Do you have an internet marketing strategy that’s working for you?

If not, I have something that you’re really going to like.  In episode 30 of Real-TechGuy Radio I bring you a a chat I had with my buddy Chris Smith from Tech Savvy Agent.  In this one hour show we discuss:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • List Building
  • Testing
  • Tracking
  • Internet Marketing Strategy

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!