Web 5 Live Starts today! Here’s the event info.

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This page will be your full resource for navigating the Web 5 Live Experience.

Step 1

: Watch this video.

Step 2:

Get up to speed if you’ve missed either of the of the AWESOME giveaways:


Facebook Communities Blueprint: The Secret Document they didn’t want you to have.

The List Building Report: 6 pages of Hard Hitting advice on how to build your list.


Event Info:
Date: December 13th – 17th 2010
Time: 12pm EST – 1:00 pm EST Daily

To join the Webinar <Click Here>

To see the Calendar <Click Here>

Join the Conversation:

Each day they’ll be two simultaneous chats. One on twitter and one on Facebook. It doesn’t matter which one you join, we’ll be in there chatting it up with you (the best we can.)  Choose which chat you like best.