Are you generating leads online?

Yesterday I was lucky enough to teach a class for the Central Florida Realty Investors on Digital Marketing.

Followers, Friends, subscribers, and all that other crap doesn’t mean a thing unless you’re generating leads online.  Just to be clear, a new follower on Twitter or a new friend on Facebook is NOT a lead.

Some people were upset when they heard this, but it was even worse when I said, “I’m not here to teach Social Media, I’m here to show you how to generate leads online.”

I’ll never understand why people get so obsessed with tools, the tools don’t mean shit.  They’re changing everyday and there’s no way a person running a real business could keep up with all this (even though I do my best to keep you up to speed.)

The only thing that matters is how the tools fit into your lead generation strategy.

Today, I’d like to invite you to my session at #Web5 Live where I’ll be sharing some of my best lead generation strategies – including landing pages, list building, and content syndication.  It’ll be fun.  See you there.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jonathan! The seminar really tied things together for me. It was great! If you don’t mind, let me know what you think of my blog post on it.
    See you soon!