Turning Ideas into Money part 1 | Pre-launch

Now that Web 5 Live is over, I decided to give you a very special holiday treat. I’m pulling back the curtain to give you an exclusive look at how I turned this idea into money.

I’ll try to fit the whole story into 5 posts or less that’ll take you through the entire process from start to finish.

Today I’ll be sharing the pre-launch planning with you.

My buddy Darin from Productivity Junkies came up with the original idea for Web5. He thought it would be cool to do 1 webinar per day for 5 days giving everyone a chance to implement what they learned. As far as we knew no one had ever tried this in our “space” before, so we were breaking new ground.

I interviewed Darin Persinger on RealTechGuy Radio.  If you haven’t already heard this show I recommend you listen to it.  In the interview he shares some really cool stuff about simplicity, productivity, and marketing – in addition to talking about how Web 5 Live came to be.

Pre-Launch Campaign

Once the idea was out, we had to figure out whether or not everyone would be interested in this type of event. We started a whisper campaign to find out.

A whisper campaign is when you drop a leading question into your social circles to get feedback and gage interest. We did this through various tweets and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

It became very clear that folks were interested, so the next step was to map it all out. Here’s the first version of the Web5 Mindmap that eventually turned into a multi thousand dollar product launch (orchestrated by me.)

In tomorrow’s post I’ll share the second part of this process, building the list (which will include some cool data about landing pages.)  If that sounds interesting then you ought to subscribe for daily updates.