Turning Ideas Into Money pt 4 | Event Launch

This is the fourth part of this series, in the last three days I covered the pre-launch, listbuilding, and pre- event launch marketing.  Today I’m going to share how we created massive buzz for the event launch.

Just in case you missed yesterday’s post – the email marketing campaign was broken up into 3 parts:

  • Phase 1: Pre-event marketing and value building.
  • Phase 2: Event Launch Buzz.
  • Phase 3: Post Event Sales

Phase 2: Event Launch Buzz

Leading into the event I created a value proposition to everyone on the list.  It was simple – open my emails and you’ll be rewarded.  You can tell by the open rates that everyone was quite interested.  But I did one sneaky little thing that really drove people MAD.

I had two main strategies for creating buzz.

1.  Using a Twitter Hashtag #Web5 to keep people engaged (this was Darin Persinger’s idea.) I just improved on it by using a nifty little tool called TweetChat along with encouraging everyone in the pre-launch emails to check it out.

2.  (The Sneaky little thing) I didn’t tell anyone (not even Drew, Darin, & Chris) how folks could logon to the webinars on Monday.  By Saturday night people were becoming anxious to know where they would be logging on the the webinars.

This created massive buzz in the community.

Sunday night – 18 hours before the event I sent out an email with a link to the Web 5 Live info page.  The video on the page gave visitors instructions on how to use it and encouraged them to share the page.  This was instrumental in blowing up the airwaves the night before the event.  From there it was ON!

Monday morning – 1 hour before the event I sent out one last email with a link directly to the Go To Meeting login page.  By this point everyone was in a frenzy trying to find out how to access the event.  Tweets and Facebook updates everywhere were asking how to access Web 5 Live.

Take a look at the open rates and click through from these last 2 emails:

Click on the image for a better look

Post Event Launch Sales

With this kind of buzz it was hard to imagine us not making sales.  Tomorrow I’m going to share how we kept the hype going into post event launch sales with lots of happy customers.  If you think selling information online is impossible, you’ll want to read tomorrow’s post.  Why don’t you subscribe to receive updates by email so you get the good stuff first?