Six easy steps to get more leads online.

The secret to getting more leads online is simple really… It’s Testing. But first you have to know what to test, so this post is dedicated to giving you a framework that you can use over and over again to get more leads online.

What did he say?
Step 1: Find out what people are searching for online with some good keyword research.

Where are they?
Step 2: These days its easier than ever to find your target market online. You can count on people being on any of the 4 Top Social Networking Sites

What do they like?
Step 3: What kind of content does your market like best? Video? Written? Audio? The only way to know for sure is to share different types of content until you see analytics that prove it. Good marketers are always testing.

Up until this point these have been prospects, now it’s time to convert them into leads.

What do they want?
Step 4: If you’ve done steps 1-3 correctly you’ll have attention online, the secret to converting that attention into genuine leads for your business is to make offers (let the testing begin.)

How do they get it?
Step 5: They want it, you got it (it= your offer.) This where you capture the lead and begin the relationship. Over deliver on your offer and you’ll be golden. If you offered 5 tips, give 6 (you get it, right?)

When should we talk again?
Step 6: Qualify your leads with different offers – move them into appropriate sales funnels and focus on the highest value customer first.

Any time I have a new idea to get more leads online, I use this framework. Now that you have it, there’s really no excuse not to do it.

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