List Building Tips from Me to You

In my last post I gave you three tips to improve your email opt in lists. Today I’d like to put things into perspective on Active vs Passive list building activities.

There are Different Types of List Building?

While I don’t know if there is some official title for the strategies I’m using, I break it down into two main categories – Active & Passive list building.

1. Active: Let’s say I have a list building report that I want to give away in exchange for your email address. I would create a landing page for it, then I would push you to that page (to make the offer to you.)


  • Create a targeted list of prospects in a short amount of time.
  • Allows you to get feedback quickly.
  • Usually very engaged (because of their interest in your offer.)

I refer to this as “Active List building” because I’m pushing traffic to a specific page with a specific call to action.

2. Passive: Adding an aweber form (yep that’s an affiliate link) to my Homepage would be considered passive because it’s not the primary action. I’m pushing people to read my content, and the offer is secondary.


  • Always building (almost on autopilot.)
  • Topic is more general.
  • Great way to test different offers.

3 Steps to help you start List Building

I recommend you start list building TODAY if you haven’t already.

Step One: Pick a type of list building activity (Active or Passive.)

Step Two: Pick a tutorial that’ll help you

Step Three: Get some traffic to your page or site. (If you need help with this read “Six Easy Steps to Get More Leads Online.”)

Putting things into perspective.

I spent most of last year “Actively” list building.  It was a lot of work and got me a decent size list (of around 8,000 email addresses.)  Each time I wanted to add email addresses to my database I came up with a new offer and pushed traffic to the landing page.

Meanwhile I wasn’t getting a return (ROI) on the thousands of unique visitors viewing my other content (not landing pages.)

*Note: In my mind getting en email address is just ONE of the ways you get an ROI in digital marketing.

Since I redesigned this site with a focus on conversions I’ve seen my passive subscribes jump from around 7-14 per day to an amazing 35-45 per day.  Check out these numbers:

Yesterday I had 350+ visitors to this site.

These visitors were reading random articles throughout this site, take a look at how many email addresses I got:

Lets run the numbers:

I actually had 377 unique visitors yesterday and 54 of them signed up for my email list (through my passive systems.)  That means this site was converting at 14% ( 54/377.)

Now lets say yesterday was a fluke and my average was only 30 people per day joining my email list.  30 x 365 = 10,950 new email addresses over the course of a year (in addition to the active list building I’m doing.)