Do You think You can help me understand You?

That’s not some sort of Internet Marketing Jedi Mind Control Voodoo.

I seriously want to help you and the best way I know how to get started is to ask you one quick question.

Last week I shared a New Product I’m working that’ll help You Get More Leads Online ( #TheInfluenceMethod )

But for which business?

I Need Your Help understanding which side of the Product Launch you’re more interested in so I can write about it here.

All you have to do is tell me which side you’re on, “The Bright Side” or “The Dark Side?”

Let me explain the difference to you.

Side #1: “The Bright Side”

This is where you’ll learn the main strategies for building your Real Estate business by Building Your Site, Getting More Traffic, Generating Leads, and Creating Your email Marketing System.  I call it, “The Influence Method.”

Side #2: “The Dark Side”

If you are in the training business, this is the side nobody is telling you about. Turning ideas into money making products takes a very specialized set of skills – the best way to learn those skills is to have someone that’s done it – Show you the ropes.

If you choose this path you’ll learn about Mindmapping, List Building, Conversation Marketing, Product Creation and Sales.

Here’s where I really need Your help?

It’s simple really…

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me if you’re more on the “Dark Side” or the “Bright Side.”  Each comment counts as a vote.  So what are you waiting for, Cast Your Vote Now in the comments section below.

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  • Jonathan, I always look on The Bright Side!

  • Azhomes4you

    I have to vote for the Bright side!

  • Alright, I got your vote for the “Bright Side” – the force is strong with you 😉

  • Very witty 😉 The “Bright Side” it is.

  • Lolliereal

    I like the darkside, it sounds more challenging and a pathe I have not gone through, in another words a new aprocah, either way I know I will learn , and want to take any leads for this market, thanks you for asking! Southern California is hot!

  • Sandra

    This reminds me of whether the glass is half full or half empty. 😉 Definitely on the Bright Side.

  • Elizabeth Wright

    Wright is on the Bright Side 🙂

  • Arthur

    I am on the bright side Jonathan

  • Stephanie Villani

    I like the Bright side

  • Myrtlebeachhomes4sale

    Definitely the bright side!

  • Sharon

    Glad you went to the bright side

  • Gee whiz, another vote for the Bright Side 😉

  • I should have guessed you would have voted for the Bright Side – seems everyone is 😉

  • You’re not the only one Stephanie – you’re in the clear mojority here, thanks for your help.

  • Hah Artie I already knew it that about you.

  • Clever – makes sense you’d be on the “Bright Side”

  • another vote for bright —- thank you!

  • Not too many folks curious about the Dark Side Lollie, that’s interesting.

  • Jerryreed

    I am on the Bright Side. I am a Realtor in Sou. Calif and I need to generate leads and set up an email program. Thanks Jon for all you do for real estate agents.

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  • Rhonda

    DARK side!!!

  • I seriously thought the Dark Side would get more votes – thanks Rhonda 😉

  • You’re not the only one on the Bright Side Jerry, seems like everyone is on board.

  • I vote on the bright side.

  • I should have know…

  • Angie @AgentKnowHow

    I might be the only person on both. But I am slowing moving over to the dark side.

  • KarenTurner

    The Bright and Dark Side please

  • I gotta focus on one (for the content on this site) but I assure you I will have both documented somewhere 😉

  • Looks like I’ll be selling the bright side (peeps aren’t ready for the dark side)

  • JeFreda

    The Bright Side definitely. The Dark Side looks like it would require a couple of assistants to help me out. Lol.

  • The Dark Side takes much practice to master J – so I’ll put you down for the bright side 😉 Thanks!

  • Karen

    Bright Side

  • Alright Karen, I’ll put you down for the bright side, thanks!