Your Internet Marketing Questions Answered


RealTechGuy Radio Episode 67

After 52 consecutive weeks of broadcasting there have been lots of questions.

Today’s show is dedicated to answering some of the most common questions on using internet marketing for your business.

Tune in to find out how to get more leads, how to use landing pages, and where to start.

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Just in case you missed the live chat, I’ve included the transcript below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

Β <—– Begin Chat —–>

*** (07:56:13):Welcome to the RealTechGuy Chat Room.
RealTechGuy says (07:56:49):
Welcome to Real-TechGuy Radio #67
RealTechGuy says (07:57:10):
On today’s show I’ll be answering Your questions on Internet Marketing
RealTechGuy says (07:58:23):
Wuttup Angie
AgentKnowHow says to (07:58:33):
Good Morning Howard
AgentKnowHow says to (07:58:37):
RealTechGuy says (07:58:35):
Hey Ms Susie – nice of you to join us.
Susie Blackmon says to (07:58:48):
Glad to be here.
RealTechGuy says (07:59:10):
Maybe a few more of our friends will join us shortly πŸ˜›
RealTechGuy says (07:59:38):
Hey Lynda – nice to see you
LyndaWhite says to (08:00:00):
Nice to be here! πŸ™‚
AgentKnowHow says to (08:00:03):
What’s Howard Sterns sidekick, Robin? You should hold tryout for your partner in crime
RealTechGuy says (08:00:12):
I would LOVE a partner
RealTechGuy says (08:00:19):
Thought about you and Nancy for that spot
AgentKnowHow says to (08:00:39):
or lynda. . .
AgentKnowHow says to (08:00:52):
I have’t met susie yet, HI
LyndaWhite says to (08:01:04):
I love it!
LyndaWhite says to (08:01:37):
Congrats Jonathan! πŸ™‚
Susie Blackmon says to (08:02:29):
Hi there AKH!
AgentKnowHow says to (08:02:59):
Hi Susie, are we connected yet? We should be!
LyndaWhite says to (08:05:17):
A week off? What is that? πŸ˜‰
AgentKnowHow says to (08:05:44):
blasphemy, what am I to do on Wednesday at 9a.m.
LyndaWhite says to (08:05:57):
LyndaWhite says to (08:06:39):
No! I love this time because I’m usually not as busy…
RealTechGuy says (08:06:50):

LyndaWhite says to (08:07:34):
RealTechGuy says (08:07:45):​t/samples/bloggerWP.pdf
TracyWalters says to (08:07:55):
I love this show its the sh_t!
AgentKnowHow says to (08:08:01):
Susie Blackmon says to (08:09:30):
Sorry AKH.. phone rang. I ditched RE and now am everywhere talking about horses and the Western lifestyle.
LyndaWhite says to (08:09:44):
That’s true, I currently post 2 listings per day, and am going to up it to all listings (usually 12-18 at a time) per day. I have to ask the team if they can handle it though! Thanks Jonathan.
AgentKnowHow says to (08:10:56):
LyndaWhite says to (08:11:09):
Susie, you’ve been circled! G+
AgentKnowHow says to (08:11:27):
7 levels of effective communication
AgentKnowHow says to (08:11:42):
best book of the year
Susie Blackmon says to (08:12:31):
Oh good! Thank you Lynda.
AgentKnowHow says to (08:15:10):
you did a video n how to create a landing page
AgentKnowHow says to (08:15:27):
awesome video, it’s the formula I follow
Paul Donoghue says to (08:15:36):
How do you keep the landing page out of the WP menu?
AgentKnowHow says to (08:16:27):
there’s a setting in wp that says which pages not to show and depends on how many child pages your site is showing
Paul Donoghue says to (08:19:40):
Thanks AKH and Jonathan.
LyndaWhite says to (08:20:00):
Susie I was going to subscribe to your RSS feed on your Ocala blog but it didn’t work.
Susie Blackmon says to (08:20:33):
Hmmm. Let me see what’s going on. ;-(
RealTechGuy says (08:23:31):
Zi8 >Β TheKodakZi8
RealTechGuy says (08:23:36):
At 2020 usb >Β
LyndaWhite says to (08:25:07):
It amazes me how quickly memory is eaten up on a computer. Of Course, I’m the type of person that has 15 windows or tabs open at a time…LOL
Susie Blackmon says to (08:28:05):
Here’s a good way to keep up with my ‘stuff’:
TracyWalters says to (08:29:00):
Nice site Susie
RealTechGuy says (08:29:41):
You guys are awesome, thank you so much for tuning in.
Susie Blackmon says to (08:29:52):
Thank you!
TracyWalters says to (08:30:03):
Peace and hair grease!
Paul Donoghue says to (08:30:12):
Thanks, Jonathan.
RealTechGuy says (08:30:14):
Hope some of these answeres helped πŸ˜‰
RealTechGuy says (08:30:22):
My plasure Don
RealTechGuy says (08:30:28):
Ha I mean Paul
LyndaWhite says to (08:30:39):
Yes, I got some ideas. πŸ™‚
RealTechGuy says (08:30:44):
Awesome Lynda πŸ˜‰
RealTechGuy says (08:31:01):
Any other questions before I bounce?
TracyWalters says to (08:31:14):
I’m not in the real estate business but this helps me with learning how to promote my coffee.
RealTechGuy says (08:31:26):
Internet Marketing works in ALL fields Tracy
TracyWalters says to (08:31:33):
Much love thanks Johnathan!
RealTechGuy says (08:31:36):
Are you on twitter? I’d like to know more about your coffee
AgentKnowHow says to (08:31:56):
Jon the kodak camera
AgentKnowHow says to (08:32:06):
can I use that as a web cam, does it have a remote
RealTechGuy says (08:32:29):
It has a remote, but I don’t think it can be used as a web cam
TracyWalters says to (08:32:33):
yes I’m on twitter tracylwalters, but I haven’t really created a coffee prescence on there yet, its more random information and demented thoughts
RealTechGuy says (08:32:50):
Just tried to check you out and saw I needed to request to follow you
RealTechGuy says (08:33:01):
Scarcity and exlusivity – I like it
TracyWalters says to (08:33:16):
RealTechGuy says (08:34:05):
java jumpoff – just liked it and left you a note πŸ˜‰
TracyWalters says to (08:34:30):
lol I had to I had a lot of “dead head” the people you don’t need on your page
TracyWalters says to (08:34:33):
ok thanks
RealTechGuy says (08:35:37):
Well, that’s a wrap – thanks again!