3 Easy ways to Capture Leads on your WordPress Site

On Sunday I did a quick survey over at the Real Estate Referral Group to find out what kind of content would be most helpful this week.

Almost all of the 96 replies said they wanted to know more about getting leads online.  So today I’m going to share a strategy that you’ll learn when you join the “Internet Marketing Bootcamp”

These are my top three ways to build lead capture pages using WordPress

Step 1: Page Settings

First you need a canvas, and that’s as simple as creating a page and using these settings:

Tip 1: Keep the page name simple so it’s easy to remember and easy to find.

Tip 2: Get rid of the sidebars so you have a clean page with no distractions.

Tip 3: Turn off the comments and track backs to keep it clean.

Step 2: Pick a style

1.  The Content Page

The first Lead Capture Page I’m going to share is the “Content” Style.  This page is going to have elements that most landing pages should have:

Tip 1: Have a Good Headline

Tip 2: Deliver on your headline and add some credibility builders

Tip 3: Make the offer

Tip 4: Let them know the benefits

Tip 5: Capture the lead with a form from your email marketing provider

Its pretty simple really.  You tell the story, make an offer, and have a call to action.  These pages usually give me higher conversions than my video pages – but maybe that;s just my audience?

2.  The Survey Page

Another great way to capture leads online is to use surveys and questionnaires.  People like to be listened to, and what better way to do that than a survey?  I use Google forms for my surveys, I created a video to show you how to use Google forms.  Here’s a look at one we used for Web 5 Live.

Tip 1: Keep the survey short

Tip 2: Ask for contact info (name, email, maybe even phone number)

Tip 3: Follow up

3.  The Subscribe Box.

Another way you can capture leads on your site is using a good old fashioned subscribe box.  This is a lot easier than you might think.  All you’ve got to do is grab the code from your email marketing provider and add a sidebar widget to your site.

Now you’ve got 3 ways to capture leads online

Next step is to start getting some traffic to your pages to start getting leads.  That’s one of Big topics we’re you’re going to learn in the “Internet Marketing Bootcamp.”  The next one is start coming up, grab your place now.