Why I don’t do Conferences

Last week the social airwaves were
blowing up with updates from a big event,

I couldn’t help but get hit with some
of that deafening ‘bad advice’ online,

Did you get hit with some of that hot stuff too?

It reminded me of why I don’t do conferences,

So if you’re a

* Conference junkie,
* Aspiring speaker,
* or mindless follower

Skip this post, because I may hurt
your feelings

While there were tons of tweets that
got me scratching me head,

These two stood out like a red headed step child

“Those with a good social presence
can build a business without a website”

==> And when Faecbook or Twitter
shut you down without notice, what
happens to your business?

“Twitter and Facebook are the new CRM”

==> I bet some folks thought that
about My Space too.

But, it’s not their fault they’re giving
you wrong advice,

Because most speakers
are not like you and me,

They have other aspirations that don’t
involve closing a deal or selling more

They want to be ‘Rock Stars’

And they’re just regurgitating something
they heard from one of their fellow ‘band mates’

But if you’ve read this far I have
a feeling we’re on the same page

I wrote a post a while back when
my Facebook Page got shutdown
(and I lost everything)

That’s the day I stopped playing the
‘Rock Star’ card and started getting
serious about

Getting Leads Online

Read this post:

That’s all for today,
Keep Rockin’ 😉


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