Turning Ideas Into Money part 2 | Landing Page & Listbuilding

In my last post I shared the pre-launch strategy for #Web 5 live.  Today I want to share the listbuilding strategy we used to make sure we had hundreds of “butts in seats” for the event.

Creating the Landing Page

After the whisper campaign we were sure our tribes would be interested.  The next step was to ask them to register – in essence, make a commitment that they’d be there.

We created this landing page so they’d be able to RSVP for the event.

1.  Event Title and Tagline answers 2 questions.  Where am I?  What’s in it for me?

2.  Video gives more details on Who will be there and Why they should opt in.

3.  CREDIBILITY BOOSTER!  Logo = Branding = Credibility

4.  When is it?  How do I get on the “list?”

Testing the Landing Page

I was the first to push traffic to this  landing page.

Listbuilding 101: Test the page with a nice round number of hits (usually 100) to see how many conversions you get.  Anything below 40% should be improved.

The plan was simple.  I posted an update in the Real Estate Referral Group using 2 triggers: Scarcity and Exclusivity + a little bribe to get 100 hits.

Once we got the hits we’d review the data and decide if we needed to make any changes to the layout or offer.

Here’s the offer I made to the members of the group:

After 1 hour there were 101 unique displays and 70 opt-ins.  The page was converting at almost 70% which is amazing.  See for yourself in the image below:

Next, Chris from Tech Savvy Agent sent some traffic from his page to see if my results were accurate.  His results were even better than mine with almost 75% opt-in rate. [For the record he kicked my a$$ and got his 100 hits within 30 minutes.]  With these kind of results internally, we decided to leave the page as it was and start pushing some traffic.

List Building 101:  Opt-in rates will drop when you start pushing higher traffic volumes, especially with outside sources of traffic like JV’s and fans.

Under real world stress, the page performed at a respectable 55% opt-in rate.  Throughout the campaign it fluctuated as low as 45%, but we decided to leave it alone so we could focus on building value for the folks who already opted in and create buzz for the folks who hadn’t heard about the event yet.

Tomorrow I’ll share how we created value for the folks who signed up early plus how we created buzz for the event.  After reading this post I’m sure you’ll want to read tomorrow’s, so why don’t you Subscribe and I’ll deliver it to your inbox hot off the presses.