Want to Double your Post Views?

What I’m about to tell you is gonna seem silly, but it has worked for me and some of the other smart people – so that should be reason enough to give it a try.

For some reason this time of year we seem to be more inspired around the Real-TechGuy Labs. Last year we figured out how to get way more page views and fans with one simple adjustment.

That “adjustment” led to adding 900 fans to the Real Estate Referral Group in just two days.

Well, we’ve done it again (actually my VA has done it again, I just get the credit for it.) For most of last year my page was averaging just under 200,000 impressions per day. Then my VA Jason came up with an idea that yielded these results:

This years change is just as simple as last years change yet it brought my impressions up almost 150%.  Can you guess what that change was?  Watch this 1 minute video to see if you guessed correctly: