I want to Thank You.

It seems the two most powerful words in marketing right now are Thank You.

Last summer I had the good fortune of going to Costa Rica for work. During that trip I learned something that has changed my perspective on EVERYTHING.

My friends Susan and David Preston taught me the “Gratitude Exercise.” Ever since implementing this my business has exploded.

As a Thank You for reading this post I want to share it with you. I guarantee if you do this for the next month your whole outlook will change.

Thank You – “The Next Killer Business Strategy”

I can’t remember whether it was my friend Chris Smith or his hero Gary V who said, “Thank you is the next killer business strategy.” Either way it’s a great quote.

**  Update: It was Gary V that wrote the book, “The Thank You Economy.”  **

Gratitude Exercise in a nutshell:
Every morning I wake up, put on a pot of coffee and sit down to my journal. I write down anything and everything I’m grateful for. Nothings too small or too big – if I’m grateful for my coffee that day then I write it down.

My goal is to fill one page, front and back which usually ends up being 7-10 things. By the time I finish the coffee is done brewing I’m ready to have a cup and start my day on a positive note.

This does two very powerful things:
1. Reminds me of everything good in my life.
2. Helps me stay focussed on the things that drive me.

The Challenge

I’ve been doing the Gratitude Exercise for three months now and my mindset has totally changed. I challenge you to do this for the next month and tell me your mindset hasn’t shifted (for the better.)

PS –  If you like this post, you’ll probably like what’s coming up this month.

  • Good timing, I hadn’t done the gratitude exercise for about a week and just did it this morning about an hour before seeing your post. We quickly forget how much in our lives we have to be grateful for and how good we feel when we finish the exercise. It’s power is its simplicity.

  • Yeah man- I can’t believe how much my outlook and my business has changed since then. I’m not sure I’d be doing #Web5 Live right now if it wasn’t for this.

    And you know — Web5Live is the first step to the Costa Rica mastermind 😉 Gotta keep the narrative going.

  • I’m looking forward to hearing about Web5Live on our Mastermind call tomorrow.

    I have a pretty big presentation this afternoon and some other very exciting things to share. 2011 is going to be a great year.

  • Arthur Harris

    A great article to change your mindset toward positive vibrations.

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  • No kidding Artie – this exercise has done so much to change my outlook + it keeps positive things coming my way (because I am focused on the good things in life.)

    Thanks for stopping in and BIG thanks for the shares and comment 😉

  • Isabel

    Hi Jonathan, thank you for sharing the Gratitude Exercise. I have a few journals that I jot down ideas and tips that I learn for my spiritual, health, and professional growth. I will be adding another important journal called “My Gratitude Journal.” Thank you!!

  • Kemp

    I’ve been doing this for quite a while. Just being able to get out of bed and plan the day is something to be grateful for. This works, and if we treat our customers/clients with gratitude for their trust in us, we win.

  • Raydawna

    I LOVE this! I start each day with prayer and meditation focusing on opneing my mind to creativity and opportunity. I’m adding the Gratitude Exercise every day! Thanks

  • Nothing better than a little reflection and gratitude to open your mind to opportunity – thanks for reading this post Raydawna.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more – so many folks take their customers for granted meanwhile they’re the reason we’re in business.

  • KeithPittard

    Great suggestion. It works. I carry my ” Gratitude List” with me. When I get angry I start reading it and the anger melts. If I am driving I just start saying my gratitude list out loud. It is said that “an angry heart has no gratitude and a grateful heart has no anger” They both cannot exist at the same time.

  • I really dig that quote Keith – an angry heart has no gratitude and a grateful heart has no anger” They both cannot exist at the same time.

    Hope you don;t mind if I borrow that & thanks for sharing that thought!

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