SMM Camp 6: Mobile Marketing

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Mobile is the next iteration of the web.  It’s bigger than Social and I’ll tell you why…

Social Media is a a tool that connects us — Mobile is the highway that social media is using to get to us (or at least several hundred million of us.)

Recently Ross Hair invite me to do a training session on Mobile Marketing for your business.  It was for for SMMCamp 6: Mobile Marketing where you’ll learn how to generate more leads and build your brand using Mobile tools.  It’s live, it’s today, and some people you know and like will be there, including:

And some other cool people will be there too.  Here are the event details:

SMM Camp 6: Mobile Marketing

Watch the Replay HERE

Mobile Marketing Tool Kit.

Are you feeling a little under prepared for this event?  That’s cool, here are some extra resources that’ll help you get ahead of the curve.

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Making your website more mobile.

10 Mobile Marketing Tools to Boost Sales and Productivity.

How to get leads with Mobile Marketing.

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