Get Your new Facebook Profile Today

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Facebook is at it again – and this time the changes are pretty darn cool. Although it’s not scheduled to be released for another week, if you want to get your new profile now you won’t have to wait. Here’s a video I made to show you exactly how to get the new Facebook profile […]

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Want to Double your Post Views?

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What I’m about to tell you is gonna seem silly, but it has worked for me and some of the other smart people – so that should be reason enough to give it a try. For some reason this time of year we seem to be more inspired around the Real-TechGuy Labs. Last year we […]

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How to find your friends list on Facebook

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Once upon a time a long long time ago I showed agents how to create a friends list so they could keep an eye on the referrals coming from the Real Estate Referral Group right from their home page. Well, that was back in October of 2009 and the latest set of Facebook changes has […]

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Its beginning to look a lot like AOL.

This month Facebook has made their takeover of the internet pretty obvious.  Less than two weeks ago they announced their big focus on Facebook Mobile.  This week they’re taking over our communication COMPLETELY with Facebook email. They’ve got most of our Social Networking time, they’ve got  200,000,000 daily mobile users,  we’re sharing our photos here, […]

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The Worst Phrase in the History of Marketing | Find us on Facebook

I bet you’re hearing this everywhere, “Find us on Facebook.”  I wanted to write this post to share why this strategy is so flawed.  I can’t take complete credit for this thought, since my friend Doug McIsaac says it all the time. Here’s a perfect example. While doing some errands yesterday I had to go […]

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Want to learn the REAL way to dominate the Facebook News feed and get 100’s of hits? Read this post.

Have you been reading all this stuff on how the Facebook News feed “Really” works?  Forget about theory, I’m going to show you how it REALLY works in the photo below. Plus I’ll give you three steps you can follow to do it yourself. Step 1: Build your tribe by providing massive value. Step 2: […]

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Building a Brand with Tech Savvy Agent’s Chris Smith

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSInterview with Chris Smith from Tech Savvy Agent From Facebook Page concept to Inman Award winning Blog – this week I interview Chris Smith, the guy behind the Tech Savvy Agent and we drill down on how he built the Tribe. In less than 2 […]

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